Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift Guide: For Your Marianne.

So, I am lucky enough to have a Marianne of my very own and of course I want to buy her All The Things.  I wish I could! She's the best and really needs these things badly, right? I think so. Here's what I'd get her if I had all the money in the world:

First! I'd get her a Luxe Faux Fur throw from Restoration Hardware because girrrrrlllllll:

So soft! Also soft are these J.Crew cashmere sweatpants because lord, why wouldn't she want these:

She can feel fancy and wear them with these Zara High Heel Ankle Strap pumps:

Sweatpants and pumps! So fancy! (Okay, no. Don't do that.) You know what is fancy? This beautiful Diptyque candle:

An Urban Decay Shattered Face Case is just the thing for looking awesome on-camera:

And this Vince Rack Stitch Cashmere Sweater is basically the most perfect Marianne sweater ever:

This pretty Taurus Constellation Pendant Necklace would probably work better as a birthday gift, but either way:

Because the bottle itself is a thing of beauty, HERMÈS L'ambre Des Merveilles Eau de Parfum:

I already know Marianne would love this Land of Nod Lamp because she keeps trying to get me to buy it for my apartment:

And finally, I'd buy her this Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Bleecker TV Cabinet because we've both been whining about it for ages and it just has Marianne written all over it:

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  1. This is adorable. I'm so over gift guides for the most part, but this made me smile and giggle and want to get to know you two :) Subscribing to your blog now!