Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ring Rage.

M: $200 seems like a lot of money for something destined to fly off of your finger 346 times a day:

A: "Hey, what's that over...ooops! Sorry sir. Your eye? Yeah, well, it's gold-plated brass."

M: "TAXI! (*ping!*) What's that? Oh, just $200 flung into the sewer."

A: typetypeCLUNKtypetypetypeCLUNKCLUNKmotherf...

M: So chic.

A: You won't even notice you're wearing it after it falls off for the fifteenth time and you chunk it in to the drywall in an impotent rage.

M: Fashion!


  1. Or you can just wear a thimble. Bam! Sew chic!

  2. Total LOLZ with this. Similarly, I bought one of those knuckle rings this summer, wore it out the store, within an hour had flung it across the sidewalk by brushing my hair. Got home that evening, wen to scrub the tub and it slipped off my finger and went right down the drain. No more things above the bottom knuckle for me.

    1. Nooooo. That is so sad! And exactly what would happen to me.


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