Friday, December 20, 2013

It Is As We Suspected.

A: Baby eats sugar-free Popsicles for a treat. I'm so sad for him.

M: Also known as: This Is Why I'll Never Have Abs.

A: It just got sadder and sadder the further down I read. Poor thing.

M: He drinks whey protein when he is craving waffles. Honey.

A: That is a goddamn tragedy right there. A TRAGEDY.

M: I really appreciate his sacrifice, though. Like...really.


M: Drink that whey protein, boy. DRINK IT.

A: I just slapped a waffle RIGHT OUT OF HIS HAND.

M: Snort. NO WAFFLES FOR YOU. Have a popsicle.

A: But just one! Don't get greedy, pretty boy.


  1. That must be why he can pull off that tortured soul look so easily...

  2. If you could see me read your posts, this is generally how it goes: read a few, read another; burst out laughing...chuckle...laugh out loud again...go and write comment about how your posts make me laugh. Leave computer still chuckling.
    Thank you, ladies :)

  3. After I looked in Gwenyth Paltrow's Tracey Anderson diet yesterday, his diet seems pretty darn doable. Koo Koo Roo and fresh salmon? Sure, why not?? Now I have to figure out which is his favorite diner...

  4. Ugh, all that protein might be OK ... but no booze???? WTH?

    And that is why I will never have abs.

  5. but girls, think how THANKFUL he'd be if you gave him a waffle.

    1. He'd probably eat it and then immediately despise you for giving it to him... He would proceed to accuse you of trying to sabotage his diet because you don't want him to be successful, and he'd ask you why you can't just be supportive. He'd say you're just trying to dull his shine because you're insecure and then he'd leave you.

      Oh, no wait... That's what a woman would do. He'd eat the waffle off your body and then sex you up... and THEN he'd probably resent you. :-D


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