Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Adrien: Gemma To The Rescue.

You know that morning when you're already running late and you have no idea what to wear and then you realize, holy shit, I have a dress in my closet that I've never even worn? No? Just me? Embarassing. This is what happens when you buy out of season, I guess. But man, I am so happy I bought another BR Gemma wrap dress back in August because it saved my ass today:

(I might have just bought another one in charcoal grey because BRMOMENT gets you 40% off. Why do they even bother selling anything full-price?) I should mention that I'm wearing the petite version in my usual size because the regular one was a bit big in the shoulders and slightly too long. I much prefer the length of the petite Gemma.

The color is so good on it's own that I didn't think it needed a lot of fuss around it. Just my usual black tights, my favorite House of Harlow necklace (it's on sale!) and...a really sad cardigan that I removed immediately after I saw this:


HELP ME. I tried on every cardigan and jacket I owned and nothing looks good with this dress. What magical cardigan should I buy that won't look like a lump of sadness? I finally settled on this one (despite the crewneck) because if nothing else, it's warm.

I'm also wearing a pair of ankle boots that I should've raved about by now. They're Vince Camuto and are a pretty shameless knockoff of the Rag & Bone Newbury. They're great - very rock 'n roll, super comfortable, and I love the back zipper detail. Unfortunately they're last year's model and sold out everywhere. Fortunately, Vince Camuto has a few other cute options

Finally, I'm wearing a very fabulous and very large pair of Kendra Scott earrings that Marianne gave me for Christmas last year:

Jewels! And eye wrinkles. Yay.

They're not available anymore (probably because they broke people's ears), but this pair will get you there. I love big earrings! I have no idea why I don't wear them more often. Maybe because my ears are tender and just don't understand.


  1. That dress is gorgeous on you!

  2. The dress is beautiful on you. But I confess, I can't wear purple and black together. For the life of me I cannot tell you why:).

  3. You need a collarless open cardigan with a fitted waist and a peplum-ish effect at the bottom, maybe.

  4. I'd go with a stretchy knit blazer or even a wrap style cardigan, so you don't lose the waist shaping the dress gives you. I'm not sure if wrap-on-wrap is a fashion faux pas… Or maybe a more cropped style of cardigan?? The word "cropped" kind of makes me flinch, but this youtube video shows a good example:

  5. Whoa that dress is perfection on you!! Love the color. Isn't Vince Camuto great? God bless his k/o designs and really comfy shoes.

    I'd suggest either a long marled cardigan that's just an inch shorter than the dress, or a cropped cardigan that hits you right above the waist that can be worn open or closed. Perhaps in a pinkish-red, a greyish-rose hue or white. If you're feeling brave a tiled blue-white sweater that's more white than blue would also look great!!

  6. It's a great dress! As regards the cardigan issue… Hm… I suppose it's not a very cardigan-y dress :( How about a light coat?

  7. I love a good wrap dress-it looks great on you. I find a wrap/shawl is best w/ my wrap dress, or wearing a layer underneath if I'm really cold. Let us know if you find the perfect topper.

    1. Ohh, I hadn't even thought about an underlayer. I wear a slip but I'll bet a long-sleeved silk undershirt would work without being too bulky. Hmm.