Thursday, December 11, 2014

Adrien: Favorite Style Purchases of 2014.

I really liked Alison's Best of 2014 Style Purchases entry so I decided to shamelessly rip it off for my own blog fodder. Hope she doesn't mind! We even share a favorite item but it wouldn't be the first time. I got addicted to the excellent Old Navy vintage tees because of her recommendation.

So, here are the items I bought in 2014 that ended up being really solid, versatile staples for me:

Giles & Brother Hook Necklace
This is a relatively recent purchase but I wear it an obnoxious amount. It's pretty much replaced that tired J.Crew locket I wore all the time. It's well made, has a very cute horse shoe clasp and is weighty enough to hang just right. I love Giles & Brother, they never disappoint.

Frye Emma Hammered Flats
These have broken in beautifully (they're on my feet right now) and have become a staple for me. I've been wearing flats a lot more and it's nice to have an option that goes with nearly everything and doesn't wreck my feet. These are getting harder to find (if you wear a 6.5, here they are in purple!) but Frye makes great flats in general, so you have options.

Gap Real Straight Jeans
I was so frustrated with trying to find an actual straight leg jean and none of the high-end pairs I tried on were any good. I ordered the Real Straight jeans from Gap and they are PERFECT. The length works with flats, they don't stretch out or slide down my ass and they come in a plain dark wash. Yay for staple jeans that don't cost the world.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Globetrotter Kirsten
This bag has been such a good one. I love that it zips securely across the top, the color is fun (and surprisingly versatile) and it holds a lot without being too heavy. It also doesn't look awful worn with the crossbody strap, which is a rarity.  This one is hard to find (seriously, Zappos has literally one left) but they pop up on eBay too.

Oakley Restless Aviators
This was a serious splurge-y purchase for me but it's one I haven't regretted at all. I LOVE these sunglasses. They're well-made, look great and fit my small face perfectly. I wear them pretty much every day and I'm super protective of them.

Banana Republic Drapey Utility Blouse
I own two of these and wear them weekly. They are so easy! Washable, non-wrinkly, comfortable, drapey as all get out. Trust me on this one. It's the best thing Banana Republic has done in a while.

There are a few other things I consider really solid purchases (this blouse, these shorts) but this list is absolutely the top hits of the year, the things I reach for again and again. In searching through the blog to figure out what the hell I bought this year I'm happy to discover that I didn't make as many missteps as I have in previous years. Maybe I'm learning?



  1. Based on your recommendation, I snapped up a BR Drapey Blouse of Black Friday. It arrived yesterday. And, you are right, it is a very good shirt. Thanks!

  2. Three cheers for Gap's Real Straight Jeans! And yes I mind terrible take this post down immediately ;) I love posts like this, it really is helpful to hear how after the first share how a piece has held up quality wise but also in regard to the blogger's personal style. Great post Adrien! Sincerely, A Forever Old Navy Vintage V-neck Tee Lovah <3