Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Chalmanzo Tater and Puppies.

A: I don't know what your feeling are when it comes to Channing Tatum but this email was basically the best.

L: THAT. Is. Amazing.

A: It's so immature and yet so adorable.

L: Completely. I mean, I don't know  - he might be dumb as a bag of rocks, but maybe not! - however he does remind me of a puppy. So sweet to look at.

A: Not to interrupt your mediation on Channing and puppies, but Marianne just sent me this:


L: I just had to google who that was. And then I fell down a historical hottie rabbit hole!

A: Oh, that is outstanding! HELLO STALIN. But wait, you don't know who Almanzo Wilder is?

L: I didn't! It has been been a long time since Little House on the Prairie!

A: I think I just assume that all girls were obsessed with the books (or show) at some point. Funny, I don't actually think Channing Tatum is all that attractive but Alamazo! Yup.

L: That was my sister's jam. Me? I was more of a Bo Duke kinda girl. (Who now looks like a baby in this  photo!)

A: My goodness his trousers are tight.

L: Yes they are. Yes. They. Are.

A: What? Shh. Looking.

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  1. Tight? They are about to crush his Precious!


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