Thursday, December 18, 2014

BUY THIS: More Awesome Frye Boot Deals!

Ooh! A reader on my recent Frye post commented that also has some crazy good deals on Frye boots. She’s right! I had no idea! Sizing is very limited, but it's definitely worth a look. Plus, you get 3.0% cash back with eBates and an extra 20% off with code JUSTINTIME.

These are $178, come in two colors and there are a fair amount of sizes in stock:

Vera Boots

These are $130! Only one size left:

Frye shorties

 These are $140 in two colors:

Short Vera

 These are $190 and nearly gone...

Frye Buckle Something


  1. Err.. Original commenter here - I hate to give anyone more reasons to go on a bargain hunt (clutching pearls!) but have you looked at the Frye deals on the Outnet lately? I meant it when I said you've givenme an obsession with Fryes - also Chie Miharas except I have yet to find a pair that doesn't cripple me (sad face) - I envy you your slender feet!

    1. I'm not seeing Frye or Chie Mihara on Outnet, which is probably for the best...

    2. That's weird! They have a buttload of discounted Fryes on there right now.. Maybe it's because I'm in Europe so the selection is different? Can you check this?

      Also, the Chies were on yoox :-)

    3. Weird, Frye doesn't show up on the U.S. site at all. They're not even listed as a designer!