Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Poor Are So Decorative!

A: What the what?

A: The Shobbit fills me with rage.

L: Yeah, I'm pretty sure the SHobbit should steer clear of poverty tourism as fashion.

A: But he has a really cute corner for his adorable poors photo.

L: I feel like maybe we need to give him a "Most Wildly Out-of-Touch Man of the Year, 2014" award for this. He can put it in his corner.

A: In his cute corner. He has a lot of corners, Lili.

L: Oh look! I found just such an award! (Note: not to be placed in a non-cute corner!)

A: Nice! Maybe Camilla will put it on the tippy top shelf in his asshole corner.

A: (That made sense in my head.)


  1. Did he really say a "cute corner"? You promise you didn't make that up?

    1. I swear to God. That is a screen print from his site: http://www.thesartorialist.com/photos/on-the-street-varanasi-india/

  2. Yes, he did say a "cute corner" (pause for gagging). The entire India series is revolting. But SHobbit himself said that he thinks of himself as the next Steve McCurry (or something along the lines), so… You know - small posture, large ego.