Monday, December 8, 2014

Swinter Weather Wear.

L: Brown "vintage" leather drop-rise crop pants:

No, really.

A: Who is this? How did you get this email address?

L: What? You don't like leather diaper ass?

A: Well...they are on sale.

L: 40% off + 10% back with eBates. It's like they're GIVING them away! (Maybe they should just give them away?)

A: I can believe they haven't sold out yet.

L: I would very much like to see those pants on a normal height person -assuming the model is very tall (mmmmhhhhh) - and with someone with shoes that don't obscure the capri-ness of these pantaloons.

A: The most confusing part is how much they don't look like leather. Not even "vintage" leather.

L: Not even slightly! At first glance I thought they were silk. Which somehow makes more sense in my brain than leather capris. WHAT is the appropriate season for these, pray tell?

A: Sautumn? Swinter?

L: I think you're right. They're for Swinter.

A: On Mars.

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