Thursday, December 18, 2014

Review: Cyclebox by Runnerbox

So, those of you that follow my Instagram account or personal Twitter account probably know that my main hobby is cycling, specifically mountain biking and cyclocross. I compete in both but also just love to ride my bikes. So, when RunnerBox asked if I'd be interested in being a CycleBox Ambassador, I jumped at the chance. BOX O' BIKE STUFF? YES PLS. (For full disclosure, this means they give me the box to review.)

I know some of the Looks Good readers are cyclists and/or runners so hopefully this will be a welcome review. It also gives me a chance to make a small announcement: I'll be starting up a new blog next month that focuses on women's cycling and fitness style, so in the future this kind of review will appear on that blog.  I'm excited about my new project and I'll let you know when it's launched!

Okay! So, on with the review.

It's no secret that I love box subscriptions and I was pretty excited to try CycleBox because I buy a lot of this kind of stuff already and I'm always interested in what's new. RunnerBoxes are available in three varieties - Runner, Tri and Cycle. They come every other month and cost $20 plus shipping. Aside from the bimonthly subscription they also offer one-time gift boxes and limited edition holiday gift boxes. Very cool.

My first box arrived last week and, while it looked small, I couldn't believe how much was packed in there. Check it:

Actual size


This is only the first side of the card.

So. Much. Stuff.
Many things!

YOU GUYS. That is a lot of stuff! Here's a list, with my thoughts:

Runnerbox Buff-  I was really excited about this because I don't own a buff and I am tired of my face freezing off when I cross the Nickel Bridge in the winter. Bonus that the color matches my team kit!

Honey Stinger Organic Gingersnap Waffle - I inhaled this right after my final cyclocross race of the season last weekend. It was delicious. I already like the regular flavor so the gingersnap was a nice seasonal touch.

Salted Caramel Gu - This made me super happy because I buy this flavor all the time!  It actually tastes like salted caramel so I don't have to gag it down the way I do other gels. Highly recommend.

Innergy Sports Performance Towel - I’m quite intrigued by this product, it sounds like magic. Apply to sore muscles and it makes them better! I am not sure if it’s reusable, it doesn’t say.

InstaBOOST - This is an energy supplement. I like that it doesn’t have artificial sweetener in it, but I’m not sure when I’d use this. Before a ride or race?

Cognitea - This is tea for mental clarity & focus. The magical ingredients appear to caffeine and L-Theanine. I like tea, I love caffeine, I’ll definitely drink this.

Arctic Ease - This cold compression wrap sounds fantastic because there’s nothing more annoying that strapping a drippy bag of ice to your body. I'm sure this'll come in handy.

Detour Smart Bar - Le sigh. This whole grain oatmeal bar sounded great until I got to the blueberry part. I’m not a big fan of blueberry but I have a cyclist friend who is, so I’ll give it to him. Or maybe I'll just eat it anyway. I like having ride snacks on me.

PickleAde - Okay, this one. It’s a little bottle of pickle juice. I get it, I do. The salt and vinegar in pickle juice makes it a great electrolyte replacement during sweaty summer rides and races but I just can’t imagine chugging a shot of pickle juice. I will try it, though, for science.

Skout Organic Trail Bar - Mine is apple and cinnamon and I’m eating is right this second. It’s chewy and very tasty in a healthy natural bar kind of way. There are definitely little bits of dried apple in it, which is nice.

Nuun All Day - These are hydration tablets with vitamins and minerals. Definitely something I’d chug if I was feeling a cold coming on, though I don’t particularly like Sorbitol as a sweetener.

Beljum Budder Chamois Creme - Oh yeah, I’ll always try a new chamois cream! I never used to use it but last year I discovered what the term “saddle sore” really means and I’ve seen the light.

Heavenly Organics Honey Pattie - This is chocolate mint flavor and it’s the perfect size to stick in a Camelbak or jersey pocket for a quick mid-ride treat.

That's the box! I'm really delighted with it overall. The products are high quality and it's definitely a fantastic value.


  1. yay!!!! i'm sooo looking forward to the new blog! :)

  2. I did NOT know this about you and now have even more reason to read. HTFU right back at ya!!! (I'm of the Tri ilk, but same same!)

  3. I love buffs! I use them for running and cycling. When it gets really, really cold, I put two buffs on. I use one layer to cover my face, while two layers keep my neck lovely warm. It was so interesting to read the reviews of various products! Thank you for sharing :)


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