Thursday, April 9, 2015

Adrien: ...And The Rest.

Yesterday you just got a shoe selfie (sorry!) and today you get the rest of the outfit. I'll admit that lately I've been really, really uninspired when it comes to outfits. I am just sick of all my clothes and I haven't unpacked my summer stuff yet and ugh. You know. I promise to get it together soon. Until then, you get another one of my pushing-the-dress-code looks:

I'm wearing a cheap-ass top I got at Marshalls last year (exactly like this one only I saved $680! Ha. Fine, here's a nice middle-ground version.) I'm also wearing my 7FAM cigarette skinnies, a House of Harlow locket necklace and my new BR coated denim jacket

So close-up! So texture-y! I love this jacket.

Here's an awkward close up of my metallic linen TOMS and my MBMJ Globetrotter Kirsten hobo (which is completely sold out but this one is gorgeous and perfect and will make your life better. No, really.)

Not a shoe selfie.

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  1. I happen to like that outfit a lot- good harmonious use of color and shading (the slight shine of the coated jacket picks up on the muted shine of the shoes, the blues enhance each other, and work really well with the darker greys and blacks- subtle but not boring at all. And very well proportioned, from top to bottom. Bonus, the Tom's+jeans do your ankles justice. Tres hip, mademoiselle.
    What I like about the change of season is that you can still wear "winter" clothes, but you don't have to load down the extremities, but rather strip them off (ie socks, hats, overcoats, heavy gloves, wool scarves). It's a gradual lightening-up of the wardrobe weight and texture, and a gradual adding of spring and summer colors to it.