Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stuff Marianne Gave Me That I Love.

So, one of the things Marianne and I did while I was visiting was to sort through all her makeup. She asked me hesitantly, as if I might say no. Um, YES? YES. I live for this shit! Let me at it! In the course of this activity we threw out a LOT of stuff, but I also became the happy owner of a bunch of new makeup. Yay! Here's what I'm currently loving:

Pretty Princess

Dior Addict Lip Glow
Okay, this stuff is kind of ridiculous. I mean, really. $33 for a barely-tinted lip balm? Really? But oh my God you guys, I LOVE THIS STUFF. It has an oddly appealing scent, leaves a nice sheer glossy pink tint on my lips and the packaging is pure luxury. It's so pretty! I am embarassed by how happy the packaging makes me, but not so embarassed that I won't admit it to you all. Prettiest lip product I own.

That Gal There

Benefit Cosmetics 'That Gal' Brightening Face Primer
Marianne gave me a deluxe sample tube of this and it's one of those confusing Benefit products that you're not really sure what it's for, exactly. Okay, a primer, sure. But it's pink. And smells vaguely of raspberry and the applicator looks like weird deodorant. But, I tried it under my foundation and was pleasantly surprised by how nice it made my face look. Just a bit brighter and slightly glowy but not obvious or shimmery. I dig it.

BB 'n Beyond
Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer
I was dumb and didn't read the (tiny sample tube) packaging, so I slapped this on thinking it was tinted primer, when in fact it's BB cream. The color I have is a bit too light for me but if I use a little of this as primer and then my regular foundation over it the results are super nice (though probably because I'm wearing a metric ton of makeup at that point.) I would like to get a sample in the right color to try as a summer foundation. Good stuff and SPF 30!

CANMAKE Cover & Stretch Concealer
Marianne reviewed this a while back and liked it but thought it was too dry for her under eyes. I disagree and find it's quite good for the under eye area, though I always put eye cream on first. It's a bit sheer but layers well and has great staying power. And it's waterproof! And not expensive! Bonus. It's not my first tier concealer but it's a great makeup bag option.

That's all for now! Y'all know I took advantage of the Sephora VIB sale so I'll talk about that next week.


  1. I have a question about the Benefit 'That Gal' - I do like this product as well, but am curious, do you apply it all over your face? Or just on your cheeks? Thanks!

  2. I have a Canmake (it's Japanese, right? I got it at the drugstore) but not the stretchy one; they have another one that is 40 spf and slightly sheer; miracle, it' doesn't irritate me, so when I think about it, I put it on my crows feet etc. I've gotten a few things from Canmake- their cheek cremes (gel cream blushes) won the Cosme award this year- they are a good brand and really cheap (price).

    Good post, funny as always ;) and a comment about the other post- the bag has such a great shape and drop to it- kindof unique, but still classic and obviously versatile- nice catch :)

  3. I've had Dior lip gloss before - it's really addictive :) Unfortunately, I have a tendency of losing lipsticks and lip glosses, so I had to switch to cheaper brands, not to go bankrupt.

  4. So, what exactly is BB cream?! I'm a total make-up mess, still using crappy drugstore stuff. I've got a birchbox subscription now though, and have found some stuff I like in it--including some BB cream that I've been using as a foundation, I guess? Is that not right? Help!!

    1. Yes, it's foundation! But what makes it BB cream is that it's supposed to be better for your skin than traditional foundation. Depending on the formulation it's supposed to replace your moisturizer/sunscreen/serums whatever, but I think that's just a marketing thing.


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