Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Adrien: Important Blog Business and Shiny, Shiny TOMS.

Okay! First, two pieces of very important blog business I need to address:

1. I had to draw another name for the Bliss Micro Magic giveaway and the new winner is: Sarah (okimus at yahoo dot com)! Sarah, please check your email and get back to me.

2. This is really serious, you guys. Do you think I can pull off these bangs or am I too old for this?


Now on to the show. Back in January my friend Kate gave me a pair of metallic classic slip-on TOMS for my birthday. Because of the crappy weather I've only recently been able to wear them out and I have to say, I GET IT. I finally get why all the kids love these odd little shoes. They are like butter. 

My pair are the black metallic linen which are hard to find now, but there are all kinds of cute new finishes and ridiculous prints. I'm very fond of this snow leopard print pair and, while this blue print isn't quite my style, I can't stop looking at it. I doubt these shoes are going to last forever but they're the perfect casual in-between-season shoe. Cuter than a sneaker, less toe-revealing than a sandal. Oh, and just in case you're tempted to get a pair, I think they run a half size big. Also! If you order direct from the website they'll give you free 2-day shipping if you pay with Paypal and code SPRING15 will get you $5 off a $25 purchase. Plus get 5.0% cashback with eBates. (My referral link.) 


  1. I love the haircut. I've been growing my bangs out for a few months (after having them for about 8 years off and on - I'm 36). They were a lot like that picture; I'm debating about cutting them again. They cover up my fine lines so well!


  2. I'm 37 and have a similar haircut, although my hair is not as sleek unfortunately (South Ga humidity).I love bangs.

  3. Don't be ridiculous, "too old." No such thing. That is a GREAT haircut and seems like very similar texture to yours. You should go for it! I've had bangs since I was in middle school, though, so I am very pro-bang. Fair warning!

  4. I totally think you could rock bangs like that!

  5. Too old? Nah! The only trick is that a fringe like that one gets messy if your hair tends to get frizzy with the slightest amount of humidity. Checked :(

  6. I love bangs, I think with your hair and face, they'd work. Start with really long bangs (cut them yourself) - like an inch shorter than the rest of your hair, and just keep cutting them a little shorter over time and see how you feel about different lengths (you can get a "bang/fringe trimmer at Claire's- it's like a giant straight barrette-type clip that ensures you don't end up with curved bangs).

    Bonus; all those cute little pins and barrettes you can use to pin them back when you're in the mood :)

    I totally get the Bob's, they are extremely comfortable and cute. I have a "faux" pair by Steve Madden with arch support and they are heaven. I think the blue ones are super cute; they brighten without being crazy, and they'd probably be more versatile than you think.

    (Otherwise, you're going to laugh, but Payless does these Airwalk dream slip on things that are sooooo comfortable and they have the cutest patterns. (I'm disappointed that this year has no flowers, but I always get the striped ones).

  7. oops, Tom's, not Bob's ;)

  8. Those bangs would look great on you!