Monday, April 27, 2015

The Seinfeld Effect.

A: We're going to need to talk about this.

L: Oh, honey. You're wearing penis pants!


L: I think once you're Seinfeld-level wealthy people stop telling you when things are a bad idea. This is just a guess.

A: I'm sure Jerry was like, "Hey, honey? Um...nothing. Never mind."

L: "What's the deal with diaper pants?" Could you imagine if Elaine wore those?

A: There would be an entire episode about the penis pants!

L: These are definitely Puffy Shirt level funny.

A: But I don't wanna be a pirate!

L: I have to say I'd like to see these on Kramer.

A: No. No. Stop that.

L: Ankles on display. Maybe with an urban sombrero?



A: You know what I realized? Those penis pants are probably Rachel Comey. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER.

L: She's evil. Clearly.

A: !!!!!

L: I quit.


  1. bah ha ha ha ha. ridiculous looking. totally would have been an episode...

  2. Those pants could have fueled an entire season.

    "Khaki Pachyderm Junk"

    Now, I understand how those could end up on one's person; they are the summum of comfort, and one could fool oneself into thinking that one looks like is a film director, perhaps barking into a megaphone (or is that the ringleader of a circus? Or both?) a Japanese soldier, an Arabian horseman....

    Until one sees a photograph of oneself.

    I can only imagine what the butt looks like.
    Let's just look away, shall we, rather? I already can't unsee the front.

    Maybe when you get to that level of wealth, people do tell you when it's a bad idea...but you don't listen- you just get all diva-indignant about it.
    "Peasants! You have no idea of how avant-garde my penis-pants are!"

    Meanwhile Rachel Comey is laughing her ass off.

    (Daughter's got the gams though, eh? And considerably more flattering sense of style. Not much of a contest, but still.)

  3. Those are what my dad calls "Bodabs"...short for "big old d--- and b---s." Yes, we are a classy bunch.