Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: Liberty Prints.

I'm not really a girly-girl and as a general rule I don't do floral prints but man do I love a Liberty print. Like, really, really love. They're just so cheerful and English and groovy, you know?  I am occasionally reminded of this abiding love by Kim France who posts things that make me cry. You guys. I want that. I want it badly enough to search out what else might be available in a Liberty print. Stuff like this:


  1. I know! I have a weakness for Liberty prints too- especially in the Spring. That type of delicate, feminine floral print is popular in Japan, as many of the women are super-ultra-mega girly girl.

    (I pair my florals with my marinieres; I love the way floral and stripes go together. So cute, and it tones down any dreaded dowdiness.)

    Type "floral" into Uniqlo's search box- they're not totally Liberty, but there are some pretty ones- (especially the guys' shirts) may be able to satisfy the craving without killing the wallet. Like Laura Ashley does.

  2. wow- Uniqlo has loads of pretty floral prints! I hadn't scrolled down far enough - look: !


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