Thursday, March 7, 2019

We Discuss: Cheap Ass Beauty Stuff We Like

This was supposed to be a usual "stuff I like" post but instead you get the convo about the post because why not.

A: How about a post about cheap-ass beauty stuff? I feel like we’ve done this before but it seems like a good repeat. You got anything cheap you really like?

M: Well I am super happy with all my Ordinary stuff.

A: My best one is still the Shiseido face razors. So much better than Tinkle.

A: Can you pick one of the Ordinary things you really like?

M: The caffeine eye serum. It’s probably total bullshit but I think it helps de-puff.

M: as you already know I use non foaming Cerave as my second cleanse and love it

A: I am going to give it a try again

A: I’m trying to think of other cheap things

A: I am apparently a pricey ass gal

M: Same

A: I do love my Aveeno body lotion. It’s so good and super cheap if you buy the giant bottles at Costco.

M: Oh and I’m seriously obsessed with that Target Anthro candle dupe.

M: I have bought several more

A: Ooh, I still need to buy that!

A: I just bought an insane skin pokery blackhead tool set on Amazon. I am EXCITED.


M: Oh that sounds terrible and awesome

A: I knowwwww

A: I just wanted a single blackhead tool but apparently I get a whole creepy set

A: It’s very Killing Eve

A: You know what my favorite cheap product is, though?

M: what

A: Plain Chapstick

M: My fave lip balm is the Nivea version of Labello

M: Hahaha

A: Mine is full of delicious petroleum

M: Mine too

A: Ooh, nice. I bought a Labello in Paris

M: It’s the exact same but I do prefer the Labello logo

A: Totally

A: It feels fancier because you can’t get it here (except I guess you can now if you want to pay more?)

M: right


A: (Or German, but whatever.)

M: fanceeee

A: I spent an hour in a Monoprix googling a lot of the beauty products trying to figure out which Avene item was actual body lotion.

A: Duh, it was the one labeled “Cold Cream”

M: hahaha

A: It’s nice stuff if you forget your lotion and aren’t afraid of mineral oil

M: That looks intense

A: It’s not, it’s just basic heavy-duty lotion

A: I also got some fancy water to spray on my face and a little set of Nuxe products

M: Nice

A: None of that qualifies for cheap crap but they technically were all purchased in a drugstore so

M: I mean cheap in France. But have to fly to France for the cheap prices

A: Details


M: It me

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  1. I have dark dark circles, and the Ordinary caffeine serum has definitely made a difference. It's no miracle cure, but definitely worth the $13 or whatever it is, and I love the Buffet serum.


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