Monday, March 18, 2019

We Discuss: Spring Shopping, Part I

M: Have you tried the Everlane scoop-neck linen tee?

M: I cleaned out my t-shirt drawer pretty aggressively and now I really need to restock, and I like the scoop neck

A: They look nice but I haven’t tried them.

A: I’m pretty sure Kim France posted that she likes them

M: Yeah I saw that

A: They look slightly dressier which is nice

M: yeah and I like the neckline as an alternative to the v-neck

A: I like a scoop neck but find some of the fancier t-shirt brands (James Perse!) to be aggressively low. Like, hey, I can see my bra.

M: yeah

A: This is partially because I have no shoulders

M: I feel that

A: At some point we should do our spring wish lists. Yours is not allowed to included drawer pulls or light fixtures.

M: hahaha

M: I don’t even know what else I want

A: My list is, like: t-shirts, Birkenstocks, cut-off shorts. The End.

A: Apparently I don’t care about work clothes anymore ever

M: Yeah I mean, same

A: I do want a new pair of Birks and this year I’m going to FIND my shorts

M: I saw some recently that were expensive but looked very promising, let me try and remember

M: We are ignoring the fact that a Kardashian owns this brand okay

A: Um


M: I know those are sold out but they look promising!

A: I can’t do a 10.5” rise, girl

M: I believe they are these:

A: They will be up to my boobs

M: Haha yeah it’s aggressive

A: I am too short waisted for those but they do look good

M: I like denim Spanx basically

A: I’m hoping Madewell comes through for me

M: Their shorts have never worked on me

A: Not on me either but I want to believe:

M: Those have an even HIGHER rise

M: 11 3/4!

A: I JUST saw that


M: hahaha

A: They are basically strapless overall shorts

M: That’s what always gets me because they end up being so short on me

M: But in the pic they look long because my eyes are distracted by all that zipper


M: Welp after reading reviews on those Kardashian shorts and finding a pair on posh for $40, looks like I’m trying them

A: Well! I hope you love them. I am going to keep searching.

M: Worth a try I reckon.

M: I measured my go to Pilcro shorts (that are basically disintegrating at this point) and I think they will work

A: Oh, that’s smart. I just need to go try things on in person, probably. My favorite ON shorts do not fit me anymore I think they shrunk because what else could the reason be

M: I’m sure that’s it

M: Trying things on is MUCH more responsible than what I’m doing but WHEN WOULD I DO THAT

A: I mean, it’s not like you have much going on

M: So relaxed!

A: You’re only selling a house, renovating a house, raising two kids and working a demanding full-time job

M: Cool cool cool

A: 90% of the cut off shorts on Anthro are high rise

A: But maybe these?

M: Those have promise!

M: I find I need at least a 5 inch inseam but I’m taller than you

A: The price makes me mad but what can you do

M: I like her shirt

A: Yes! Me too


M: Bad news dude: the Kardashian shorts are great (for me)

M: And so is this stupidly overpriced Spell and the Gypsy shirt:

M: I mean it’s not bad news except for my bank account

A: That is so cute!

M: So pricey tho

M: But I got them both cheap

M: But seriously, great cut and the denim is heavy and substantial

A: Stop making me want them

M: I’m sorrrrrry

M: I guess they do know what a girl with a big ass wants in a pair of shorts

A: 😒

M: Sorrrrry

A: I just don’t want the Kardashians to be right about anything.

M: I know dude. I know.


  1. I have a few Everlane linen tees from a few years back. I loved them, but over time, I noticed that they seemed to be shrinking in length and growing in width (even though I always handwashed and line dried them). Hopefully they've resolved this with their newer line, but just wanted to give you a heads up.

  2. Can I just vent about Madewell for a second? Every time I order something, it is too short and boxy. And the reviews never seem to mention this EVER. I have a friend who always looks cute in stuff, but she is way shorter than I am. I feel like they basically make clothes for petite people, and NO ONE seems to talk about this ever!!!! Argh. I am not super tall- just 5'8". Anyways..

    1. That said, I do still want to hear you guys' review of that central shirt

    2. I'm posting it today! And I agree with you - I suspect it's because they design a lot of the tops to be worn with high-waisted jeans. I find a lot of tops in general right now to be very, very boxy, which doesn't work for me.

    3. Yeah, that's another vent: I'm one of like 2 people who wish the high-waisted trend would die an immediate and fiery death. DO NOT LIKE

  3. You might also want to check out Lucky Brand for denim shorts.