Friday, March 22, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: J.Crew Spring Tops on Sale.

Originally this entry was going to cover the entire J.Crew sale but I kept just finding tops I loved and you know what? We all need some fresh shirts for spring. Here's the deal: 30% off full-price styles + extra 10% off with code NEWNEW. Here's what I like: 

I have this and it's great on it's own but also makes a great cardigan-alternative.

I am not usually into florals but I am helpless in the face of Liberty prints. 

J.Crew has the best vintage-y graphic tees! This one is adorable. 

Are you my flowy red shirt? Maaaaybe.

Oh man, I can't not include this. Leopard you can wear to work! 

I usually side-eye sleeve ruffles but this is just so gloriously pretty

No, you do NOT have too many striped shirts. There is no such thing.

One pretty cardigan blazer to rule them all. 

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