Wednesday, March 27, 2019

We Discuss: Sunglasses!

A: I got a $200 rebate in the form of a Visa GC and I’m like, WHAT TO BUY NOW. I am broken.

M: hahaha

M: Save it until there’s something you are dying over!

A: That’s the plan

A: But my brain at first was all, SPEND IT ALL NOW

M: That’s your inner poor person talking

A: Right right! Poor person thinking

A: Plus, I currently don’t need a thing

M: My inner poor person is a whiny fickle brat

A: Oh yeah, mine is too

M: Basically Veruca Salt but grew up eating generic cereal


M: I want a goose to lay gold eggs for Easter!


A: Also, this is so perfect:

M: Ugh yes

A: Like, all we need is a pair of Converse and an Hermes bracelet. And effortless French cool.

M: Easy

M: And prob born into privilege

A: Pff. Details.

A: I do actually want a new pair of sunglasses this summer so maybe I’ll save the gift card for that

M: Thats a good one!

A: I did get that fun cheap pair in Paris but they’re my emergency car sunglasses

M: I have an emergency car pair too! They are olive green cheapies from Anthropologie

A: It’s very important to have emergency sunglasses

M: yes

M: I kind of want some mirror-y Ray-Ban aviators

A: Ooh, yeah

A: My favorite Oakley aviators are in decent shape but it’s been five years and I want something new

M: I have maintained my gold Ray-Bans for so long it’s impressive

M: And I still love them! But something fun and shiny for summer

A: Same! I actually take good care of my Oakleys but yes, something fun and shiny for summer.

A: Are your gold pair the Erika style? I'm trolling the website.

M: Yes! I really do love them. I strongly considered the taupe color but that is not really fun

A: I love the look of wayfarers but they’re heavy

M: I tried these on a while back in a mirrored lens and was surprised how much I liked them on

A: Oh, I bet those were cute on you!

A: But I think you could pull off some good mirrored aviators

M: My friend Dwayne has some lilac mirrored ones that I try to steal every time I see him even though they are too big on me

A: Ooh fun

M: They are SO fun:

A: Oh man, those are great

A: I am going to find a pair of the Erika style to try on

M: The Erikas are really so good. They are so much sturdier than an aviator

A: I like this black/violet combo:

M: Yes!

M: Polarized lenses are so worth it

A: Agree

M: But will ruin you for anything else

A: It’s the only think I don’t like about my current aviators

A: I am really into the black/violet Erikas

M: Maybe I’ll ask for sunglasses for my birthday

A: There you go

A: Did you order your Birkenstocks?

M: Since I’m pretty sure I can’t wait on the Birkenstocks

A: Haha jinx

M: haha

M: Not yet. I should just do it.



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