Wednesday, March 6, 2019

We Discuss: Springtime Wishful Shopping.

M: I have decided this is cut just like my favorite windowpane plaid Vince shirt that I wear every week and I want all of the colors:

A: Well, thanks a lot. NOW I WANT IT TOO.  Also, that Insider discount...


M: Anyway, this was meant to be a check in on the fast fashion ban, but so far it hasn't been an issue? I think if spring ever comes it's going to get a lot harder.

A: Madewell isn't fast fashion! I never said anything about not shopping at Madewell.

M: Oh I know! I meant I was going to check in on it but then got distracted. And yeah I have 15% off but it's also 22 degrees today and I'm cranky.

M: I think I want it in black AND in the lilac color. I also want the yellow but it's sold out.

A: Ha, I was like, WHOA WHOA WHOA. I will admit I walk a little faster in Target when I pass by the clothing section.

A: Also, oops. Just bought the dark pink color that's on sale. But I also want it in black.

M: I thought about that color! But I don't know if I'll wear it. I may pull the trigger on the black and lilac.

A: It's 29 degrees out and I literally bought it out of spite. I think the lilac would be SO pretty on you!

A: Also, goddammit, Target:

A: I'm not buying it but it looks so freaking cute.

M: NO NO NO TO THAT DRESS. Here, if it makes you feel better, I recently got rid of two chambray things from Target that got weirdly shiny.

M: I ordered both. I will wear the hell out of those shirts--I already wear my chambray central shirt and I've always wished it was cut a little longer and flowier. Win!

A: Hooray! We'll have to post reviews when they arrive. And no, I know better than to get that dress but now I'm sad I never bought these earrings:

M: I will support you not getting them but will admit I didn't really count jewelry in the fast fashion thing.

M: How pretty is THIS:


A: …does jewelry count?

M: I don't know! Does it???

A: Technically we make the rules.

M: It seems like a slippery slope but also jewelry is expensive, yo. Having a cheap and cheerful option is nice.

A: I don't buy a ton of jewelry but I do like a pair of fun earrings under $10.

M: I really freaking love that dress.

A: It is SO pretty. If I hadn't just tracked down the leopard version of the Juno dress I'd probably have already bought it!

M: Not sure why a 22 degree day in March has triggered my spring shopping but here we are.

A: Spring will come eventually, right?


  1. How do you think sizing runs for that Madewell shirt?

    1. The reviews indicated it runs a little big, so I ordered a small. I’ll report back after it arrives!

  2. I bought these last weekend and have worn them every day this week.

  3. Glad you found the leopard version of the Juno dress. I actually like that version the best (I think due to the contrasting fabrics)

  4. That madewell top is HUGE, I'm usually a medium and I took an XXS!

  5. Jewelry doesn't count!!! That's my vote :)


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