Thursday, March 21, 2019

We Discuss: Spring Shopping, Part II

A: So! Madewell gave me two other tops to try on when I returned the pink one. I have pics.

M: Do tell

A: This has buttons up the back. The medium ate me alive but the sleeves were snug in the small. Cute in theory though:

M: That is not your shirt. It might be mine? Idk

A: I think it might be good on you

A: And then there was this:

A: But I don’t wanna be a pirate!

M: Ha I like that one too

A: It was too big but I also can’t with mid-sleeve ruffles. It was otherwise cute in theory.

A: Everything else in the store right now is Not My Palette

M: No that’s def not an Adrien shirt

A: I’ll try on pretty much anything though

A: But thankfully I wasn’t into what they got going on right now

M: Where are the clothes I want??

A: Right???


M: Eileen Fisher???

A: HA, I was literally just thinking that

M: That’s where I’m headed

A: Maybe it’s time

A: Evidence: Today I bought two grown lady 3-hook bras, hipster cut underwear and Birkenstocks.

M: 😭

A: Eileen Fisher is good quality

M: I know I just don’t feel ready

A: I’m getting close

M: It feels very Last Fuckable Day


M: 😭😭😭


M: I really wanted this pink Madewell anorak:

M: But instead found the navy version from last year NWT on posh for $60. Navy will be a lot more versatile but that pink sure is pretty

A: Oh, that is cute! Navy is definitely more versatile

M: I am on a STRICT no more olive green jackets diet for the foreseeable future

A: I just wore my Madewell olive jacket this morning after a long break.

M: I wore mine yesterday!

A: I saw that! TWINZEES

M: Aw

M: And I have that blush pink long bomber that I wear a ton. I DO NOT NEED A PINK ANORAK

M: The navy is very nice and I will wear it a ton

A: You DO NOT need a pink anorak

A: Navy is good!


M: I was about to be all goddammit Kim France because this looks like my perfect t-shirt, but it’s only $18 so I can’t really yell at her:

A: Wait, are you sure it’s not $218?

M: Trust me I’m suspicious

A: There must be a catch

M: probably made of paper

M: Tiny print on the tag about not getting it wet

M: Like a Gremlin shirt

A: Single use item

M: If you’re lucky

A: Obvs

M: But fuck it I need some t-shirts

A: This T-shirt is so cool you might not even get to wear it!

M: Unrelated I am wearing my pink leopard dress today and it’s wonderful


A: Yay spring!

M: I mean it was 32 degrees when I left this morning but whatever I look like a goddamn flower

A: It’s 56 and cloudy here

M: I am so ready to get out of the 50’s

A: The 50s are a bad boyfriend

M: The 50’s make you think it’s maybe warm when the wind doesn’t blow and you stand in direct sunshine and don’t move but it’s a LIE

A: I want to walk outside and IMMEDIATELY be warm

M: Yes! Like going outside is a reward for sitting in a cold office



M: Dis phone is broke

A: Hallow?

M: Excuse me I would like 17 chimps and dimp

A: For delivering pls

M: Hi seamless do u have a pizza

A: Popperoning

M: No pinesnapples

A: Why noe pinesnapples?

A: Anchovers?

M: Grosssss

A: No anchovers


  1. A question I ask myself almost daily is "Did Eileen Fisher clothes get cuter, or am I just old now?"

  2. I've been putting in time researching Elieen Fisher sales lately. I think I'm ready. And give me a chunky wooden necklace while you're at it.

  3. SO MUCH YES for walking outside and immediately being warm. Sorry to tell, I am just terribly over all forms of cold, including and especially the fake warm spring that is actually just cold.

  4. No no no just got an EF flier today, pale pink shapeless draped sisterwife monstrosities expensive and looked horrible even on the models who are to a one half the age and size of the average EF customer.

  5. I kind of like that first shirt actually, (for me) but agree the body is too billowy for you. I am always on the hunt for those utility shirts, the ones that don't button all the way down. I like the structure of them but the ease in the body of a popover.

  6. Whispers in mildly evil but really comfortable voice "Come to the dark side with Eileen Fisher. We are comfortable with no fucks to give." I love EF. Though once you start there is no turning back.


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