Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Review: Madewell Central Drapey Shirt

As promised, here's my review of the Madewell Central Drapey Shirt. You guys, I wish I had better news:

It looks cute, right? This shirt has a lot going for it - the cut is interesting, it comes great colors, and it's made with a good weighty fabric. I think it looks good in that photo but it's too big on me...and too small. Also, can I get shoulder implants? Is that a thing?  Here's a better example - like, if I had the shoulders to hold this jank up it would fall a lot nicer instead of making me look so square:

Also, I'd love to be able to wear it untucked because sometimes I just want to be flowy:

But, while it's too wide at the top, it's also magically catching on my hips. So, too big/too small. 

It's so cute, though! I want to love it but it's just not a good fit for me. And, when I tuck the front, this is what it does in the back: 

I guess I needed a medium but that would have been a lot of volume when I am already feeling overwhelmed. I love this top in theory but it's not for me, so I returned it. While I was in the store I tried on this shirt, which is one of Madewell's most popular styles, but ran into the same issue - the small was a little tight in the sleeve but otherwise a good fit, the medium ate me alive. I think maybe I just need to give up on oversized fit and perhaps try something like this top

I hope those of you who bought it had better luck than I did! 


  1. Speaking as someone with broad shoulders, shirts like this aren't any better on us. It would make me look more like a linebacker than I care to contemplate.

  2. I have this issue with most of their shirts. Their tees fit me well.

  3. I recently tried on a similar drapey shirt and as someone who *does* have shoulders (and boobs) to fill it out, the fit was even WORSE. It made me look much much bigger on top - think linebacker - and was extremely unflattering. I was bummed because I need a few more work shells to wear under blazers at conferences but without a blazer too.

  4. I have shoulders and had the exact same problem with this shirt. That coupled with the 100% viscose situation meant it was promptly returned. While in the store I had a harrowing experience trying on some high waisted cropped jeans. Blergh.

  5. All these comments are making me feel better but I also wonder, WHO IS THIS SHIRT FOR?

  6. I have some of the same issues with that starry shirt from Madewell, though wearing it over a tee or camisole and unbuttoning it enough to create a V neck really helps with the proportions. I have shoulders and books but I'm not really what you'd call hippy so that part's all right.

    1. I have books, too, but what I meant to say here was booBs

  7. Thank you for this review!! That is one less thing I need to try to order (and then subsequently ragefully return) from Madewell. The color is nice though.

  8. I bought one in a gorgeous floral print from Nordstrom and liked the drapey fit with the front tucked. Washed once according to instructions (did not dry)and it shrunk. I'm so tired of shopping!!! 😭

  9. For that price, you could find great vintage dupes (and better tailored) of this style in silk; it's kind of a classic 1980s cut. Great color on you, though!