Monday, March 4, 2019

I'm Back! My Packing Report: Paris.

Hi hi hi! I'm back from our trip to Paris and I have to tell you OMG EVERYTHING IS SO HARD TODAY. Real life sucks and jet lag is no joke. (Did I put my keys in the fridge when I was putting away groceries yesterday? Yes, yes I did.)

But, with each trip, I get a little better at packing. Am I an expert? God, no. I'm still pretty terrible at it, if we're being honest. I still brought four pairs of shoes and only wore two of them but we had a direct flight and checked our bags, so a bigger suitcase enabled over-packing. Here's what I bought for shoes:

Cole Haan Chelsea boots
- Nike sneakers
- Madewell ankle boots
- Rothys flats

I didn't end up wearing my heeled boots or the flats because we were walking a ton and I wasn't sure either pair would be good for distance. I also made a very last minute decision to not bring my new Doc Martens because the weather was so unseasonably warm and sunny. I am not complaining about that and my Cole Haan Chelsea boots were a perfect replacement. (I did see a ton of Docs in Paris, though.) Here's what I bought to wear:

- Madewell jeans (high rise skinny and skinny coated)
- Everlane cashmere sweaters
- my new C&C California striped sweater
- t-shirts for wearing under my sweaters
- one fancy top
- J.Crew boatneck striped tee
- my Anthro snakeskin dress
- Athleta black cargo pants
- Three scarves
- packable Uniqlo lightweight puffer jacket
- packable long hooded puffer jacket
- AllSaints leather jacket
- socks, underwear and pajamas

I wore everything I brought except the fancy top and definitely would've been fine with only two scarves and one of the packable jackets. It was colder at night but not really that cold. (thought I hate being cold!) For carrying stuff I brought:

- Calpak 24" Danton suitcase
- Lo & Sons Hanover backpack
- J.Crew Signet crossbody

I was super happy with all three! I can't say enough things about the Hanover backpack and my new-to-me crossbody bag was just the right size and I love the secure zipper closure. More about the suitcase below.

My Travel MVPs:

AllSaints leather jacket. Marianne urged me to bring it and I was initally hesitant because it takes up a lot of real estate but I literally wore it every single day. It was a perfect layer for the mild weather and it made me feel cool as hell and not touristy. I saw a ton of leather jackets in Paris so I felt like I'd hit it just right.

Bombas wool socks. I can't usually wear wool next to my skin but Bombas wool socks are so cushy and soft! They don't itch at all and my feel were happy most of the time. They are worth every penny and the quarter length are great no-show option for wearing with chelsea boots.

Cashmere sweaters. My new C&C sweater is a winner - warm, soft, cute, doesn't pill obnoxiously. I wish I could find it online. There are some on Poshmark and eBay and you might still be able to find them at TJ Maxx. (The multicolor version is available online!) I know it's nearly springtime but this is good cashmere, y'all. I've already talked about my love for Everlane cashmere sweaters. Y'all know.

Athleta Chelsea Cargo Pants. These were my travel pants and they were perfect. Light, wrinkle-resistant and super comfortable. I was happy for the cargo pocket for stashing a few airplane essentials (lip balm, tissues, etc) so I didn't need to keep reaching into my bag. I love these cute pants! The only thing they aren't is warm, but they were fine for what I needed and I think they'll be a great casual spring/summer pant option. (I reviewed them here.)

Calpak 24" Danton suitcase. This suitcase isn't fancy and doesn't charge my phone but it is really well-made, durable and affordable. It also holds a LOT of stuff and survived being dragged over cobblestone streets with no issues. TJ Maxx always seems to have Calpak at great prices and Marianne has one too! Mine it currently available in a very cute teal color.

Edited to add a for-scale pic of my 24" suitcase. It holds a lot and I've been quite happy with it. (Also, a little bit of Daniel tail in that photo...) 


  1. Sort of weird request - can you snap a photo with suitcase-to-Adrien scale? I'm NOT a light packer and I can't settle on which size Calpak I want.

    1. Sure thing! But until I can get home, I find this image to be helpful to imagine what a 24" suitcase looks like:

    2. I keep forgetting to take this picture! I will try to get one tonight.

    3. Suitcase photo added for you!

  2. Aaawww, the snake dress looks awesome! So glad you had a great trip! Coming home/jet lag is the worst.

  3. I'm going to take a look at that suitcase. My decade only carry on looks haggard AF and I need a new one. I was looking at Away and Delsey but wanted something more affordabe. Calpak at TJ Maxx sounds like just the thing! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Also, that leather jacket is PERFECT.


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