Tuesday, June 11, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): I Love A Graphic Tee

Something about summertime makes me want to dress like I did when I was a kid: cut-offs, a graphic tee and beat-up sneakers for running around the neighborhood. I still really love a good graphic tee (and cut-offs!) so I went searching around for some good ones. Here's what I like: 

This J.Crew tee is pretty much my brain on summer. Yup. 

I love a good repro band tee but it has to look old! This one is nicely faded. 

Band tees aren't for everyone but shoulder leopards totally are. 

This retro pride tee helps support the UN Free & Equal Campaign

This one is ridiculously expensive but isn't it cool? (I am definitely a child of the 80s.)

Madewell totally gets me with this one. 

And, because I can't not: 

I might need this for my collection, right? 

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