Thursday, June 20, 2019

We Discuss: Going Gentle Into That Good Night.

M: In the Future, We’ll All Be Wearing Eileen Fisher

A: I’m not ready

M: I honestly am

A: I do like the “good quality” aspect

A: But, like, my Mom wears Eileen Fisher

A: I need to get over it because soon it’ll be all I want

M: Hahahaha

A: I should probably at least figure out what size I am in EF

M: same

A: Here’s my thing. It’s nice to have quality basic pieces but I get bored and want new shiny things, not just dependable and boring.

M: Yeah I get that

M: I am the opposite and just want a uniform apparently

A: I mostly only ever wear, like, five things so I don’t even know why I’m like that

M: “sartorially unburdened” seriously sums it up for me

A: I totally get that

A: I really do tend to wear my most unchallenging clothing the most these days. Stuff I don’t have to fuss with or wear special underthings.

M: yupppp

M: Why am I not wearing this right now?

A: Ugh, shit that is summer perfection


M: I haven’t ever really looked at their site?

A: I am always looking for EF at the thrift store

M: I need to try some of it on

M: I have no idea of the fit

A: Same

A: I think it runs pretty big

M: That’s great, I accept vanity sizing


A: Oh, I’m an XS? How dainty!

M: Tiny!

A: So eensy

M: I got a smoothing treatment yesterday and forgot how STICK STRAIGHT it makes your hair for the first couple of days

A: Welcome to my world!

M: Haha

A: There was some podcast I was listening to recently that went deep into some curly hair care nonsense and I was like, YALL ARE CRAZY I AM OUT

M: Yeah it’s intense

A: I'm going to shampoo my hair EXTRA hard just because I had to listen to all that

M: Hmph


  1. I scout out EF pieces on ThredUp but have yet to pull the trigger.

  2. Not gonna lie, I love the look of EF, and especially that black dress y'all posted, but my problem is that I just can't justify spending $200+ on what is essentially a sack. I get that their well-made, etc. but still. I feel like I could buy a really nice pillowcase and cut a hole in the end and basically get the same look.

    1. Secondhand! I’m hard on clothes so I’m with you on that.

  3. Marianne, can we have more info on your smoothing treatment?!

    1. Hey! I got a Keratin Express treatment, it's the fourth time I've done it. I like it a lot because I still have plenty of wave and volume, but it really cuts down the dry/styling time, and my style holds even in the humidity. It lasts 6 weeks if you wash your hair daily, but for me it lasts longer because I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week, tops.

  4. I grow more and more interested in EF with each passing day, but the price puts me off a bit. Off to search on Poshmark.

  5. Eileen Fisher aka Forever 49 (not my original line).

  6. Her colors and fabrics are beautiful, but everything is a rectangle. Hourglass figures are lost in those styles. Her shoes are REALLY nice. I have edged up to that price point for comfort.

  7. I've come to a sort of a peace with EF (and yes to Poshmark). Her petites are really well-sized, not as huge as the normal height stuff. It IS all about the rectangle, but I think that's ok for work. I have a small rotation of things that pass as suits for gigs that require that sort of nonsense. I've had the jacket, 2 pants and a skirt in the stretch crepe for almost 10 years. That stuff has been around the world- literally- like 10 times. It all looks brand new. I just swap out shirts, shoes, and jewels. If it makes me look like your mom, so be it. Your mom is smart.

    1. To be fair to my mother, she's always very well-dressed! I do have a EF drapey cardigan that I love and have had for years, so that's the kind of thing I imagine investing in. I love your not-really-a-suit system!

  8. EF has their own second hand site called Eileen Fisher Renew. It is super easy to return things which I do a lot. Good way to try things! Also I have EF pieces which are NOT rectangles: silk georgette wide leg pants, tussah silk plaid pants, washable wool notch collar cardigan, pleated recycled polyester skirt (awful description I know), and I love love love the colors and pure fabric like merino and silk. I bought the whole outfit with the wide leg pants as shown on the website. Sizing is tricky: I am an hourglass 12 and have to play with M or L in sizing. True that I might be old enough to be your mother, but if EF had made these kinds of things 20 years ago I would have tried them then. Take a look! (I used to thrift EF but I feel like a lot of those pieces are very traditional EF ie the "systems" and the rectangles.....

  9. I bought a pair of EF sport sandals last summer and I love them. I wore them practically every day on a trip to Montreal and Quebec City and they were so comfortable.

  10. I just bought my first EF purchase, and thought of your blog and your fear/fascination with EF. (Same!) But they're cute and comfy suede d'Orsay flats, seriously marked down at Nordstrom Rack and I don't regret them at all. Come On EILEEN.

    1. Fear/fascination is a PERFECT description. And those shoes sound so cute!


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