Thursday, June 13, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Summer Play Clothes.

I mean, you knew this was coming, right? I should probably be posting outfits of me wearing cute summer dresses and whatnot but instead I'm going to post what I REALLY want to wear all the time:

JEANZ FOR TEENZ. Ha. Seriously, though, these AE Tomgirl Bermuda shorts are SO FUN. And they're under $15 right now! They are ridiculous and wafer thin and will probably disintegrate by the end of the summer but I don't care, I love them. I love that they're a reasonable length but still look cool. I love how soft and comfortable they are (at least until I Hulk them out, which will probably happen.) I DON'T CARE. I am just delighted with my garbage shorts. They also offer this version which is slightly less likely to turn to dust, so that's an option. 

I am wearing my shorts with my other favorite stupid purchase, my Lululemon Brunswick Muscle tank. Now, real talk: this is an over-priced thin cotton tank top. I get it. BUT, it's weirdly magical. I don't know what to tell you but it's just really freaking cute and super comfortable and drapes just right, tucked or untucked. (FYI It does run big, so I sized down.) I love it despite my stupid cycling tan. I might have just bought another one in the striped colorway and it's also on sale in a couple of cute colors (I like the gray with the green trim, personally.) Oh! And the logo is the same color of the tank so it's stealth, which I appreciate. Here it is tucked in: 

 So cute! I am just really pleased with my dumb summer play clothes. I tried to not be a total garbage person by adding some nicer accessories:

This is my much-loved Soko Paddle pendant which Marianne gave me last year. The petite version is still available and this one is similar in size, but it looks like mine is sold out. 

I dusted off my other pair of Lotta From Stockholm clogs because sometimes I need a bit of heel without all the suffering. I did a review my red Lottas a few years ago if you're thinking about buying a pair. I'm also carrying my Liberty of London tote which is lightweight and holds everything. One of these days I'll get the grey one too but in the meantime I'm being tempted by this Jonathan Adler tote. (It's a steal! Someone snap that upppp.)  That's it for today! I hope you have some fun new dirtbag clothes for summer as well. 

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