Monday, June 3, 2019

Review: Madewell High-Rise Denim Shorts.

Hi all! I don't really have any good shopping to report but I did get my Madewell High-Rise Denim Shorts in Glenoaks wash and took some pics. I have...feelings. I like so much about them but I'm not 100%. I think I just had really high expectations and, as Marianne texted, "I don't think they are magical but also don't know if that exists." EXACTLY. I was putting a lot of weight on a pair of damn denim shorts. Anyway, here you go:

The shorts arrived with the hem rolled which makes them just a little bit shorter than I prefer. It's a lot of rise and not quite enough inseam. But! They are quite nice in general - good denim and an excellent wash. I rolled them down and even though they aren't quite as cute that way, I'm much more comfortable: 

I will admit I was wrong about avoiding the higher rise shorts. The rise looks super current and the magic pockets really do pull everything in, which I very much appreciate. They're also quite booty flattering: 

Most denim cut-offs don't do much for the rear view, but these are pretty good! Unfortunately these particular shorts are not on sale right this second so I'd wait until they're marked down again. In the meantime, this pair is on sale (and an extra 20% off) and so is this cute embroidered pair. And my favorite jeans as well! 

So, I think I'm keeping them. They're a solid, if not terribly exciting, summer staple and I'm sure I'll be wearing them for quite a few summers. 

And, because I can't not tell you about everything, my Bowie tee is by Lucky Brand and appears to be sold out. This one is very similar and REAL CUTE. (How many Bowie tees is too many? Asking for a friend.) Lucky Brand always has good vintage-inspired band tees that aren't too expensive or too OOT. Finally, I'm wearing my white Birkenstock Arizonas because they go with all the things. The end! 


  1. You made such a good point the other day about 5 in inseam shorts. I am somewhat similar size/age as you and the last year or two I’d been wearing 4 in inseam shorts which just felt a little...not enough. I got rid of them all & bought a few 5 in inseam shorts and SO MUCH BETTER.

    1. My inseam has definitely been inching down...

  2. I just ordered that Bowie shirt. I'm going to have a happy summer, and that shirt is going to help.