Thursday, June 6, 2019

Stuff I Like: Scrubbing, Watching, Reading, Carrying.

It's that time again! A bunch of tried-and-true new recommendations just for you. And hey, if you have anything to recommend to us, please leave a comment below. Off we go:

This Silicone Body Scrubber That Is Life-Changing
Okay, listen, you guys. This weird silicone scrubber thing is a REVELATION. I waffled on buying it forever but now I love it so much more than those mesh loofah things which either fall apart or grow mold or both. Disgusting. This soft little silicone brush gives just the right amount of gentle scrubbiness and dries really quickly. I am so ridiculously happy with it. Everyone needs one of these! PS. There are a million different versions on Amazon but I'm linking the one I bought after obsessively reading all the reviews.

This Show I Can't Stop Thinking About
PEN15 is my new favorite show on Hulu and I am telling anyone who’ll listen to watch it. It is cringy AF but super hilarious and really smart. The two lead actors are women in their early 30s playing seventh grade versions of themselves with a cast of actual teenagers. It takes place in 2000, so there are lots of great references - B*Witched! Dial up internet! Low-rise jeans! It’s truly amazing. Even though I was a full adult person in 2000 I still love the nostalgia aspect and I'm amazed at how accurately they portray the angst of middle school. (I also enjoyed the Fresh Air interview but I’d recommend listening to that after you watch the show.)

Your 2019 Summer Beach Read (via Marianne text:) 
"I think I read The Beach/Pool Book Of The Summer this past weekend - Red, White, and Royal Blue. It was VERY fun and I did not want it to end. Also it is VERY saucy." A queer escapist romantic comedy with a commoner-royal romance? SIGN ME UP.

This Backpack We Love That's 40% Off
I posted about this early in the week on our IG but it's such a good deal I thought it was worth repeating. The Lo&Sons Hanover backpack that we both own and love is 40% off! This is a screaming deal, you guys. We don't make any kind of commission on this product, it's just something we both carry daily and it's SO GOOD for travel. Get one! (I have the camo version which I highly recommend. Duh.) 


  1. Does the scrubby thing give a good amount of exfoliation?

    1. It's not crazy exfoliating like the scrubby mitts I've posted about before but it definitely feels like it gets you clean.

  2. Do you like the scrubby silicone thing better than the scrubby Japanese towel thing? So many scrubby things!

    1. They're different! The silicone thing replaces my mesh loofah. It's not super-exfoliating, just for every day. The scrubby Japanese towel (and mitt) are for serious exfoliation, so maybe once a week?


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