Wednesday, June 5, 2019

We Discuss: The Only Thing We Talk About Anymore, Apparently?

A: Do I need those AE shorts? How do they run?

M: I mean I love mine! I don’t have the other pair yet, which have a slightly higher rise

M: I sized up one size

A: Some reviews say they run big

M: Honestly I probably just ordered the size I am I just told myself I was sizing up. They are comfortably loose.

A: Well, I ordered a pair because blog science

M: Which ones did you order? The less destroyed ones? I am worried you’ll HATE them and then hate me

A: Oh, I got the delicate version

A: But I could never hate you!

M: You will die when you see how thin they are

A: I forgot about the other less-destroyed ones? But if these aren't good I'll just return them

A: I don’t have super high expectations but I wanted to try them!

M: I will say they are super comfy and lightweight in the heat

M: These are the other ones I just ordered

A: Those look good!

M: We’ll see

M: Cautiously optimistic


A: Yes yes yes!


M: Those look cute!

A: I got them in the 6 figuring I could exchange for the 8 but I like the fit!

M: They look great

A: I’m a little afraid my thighs will Hulk them out but 🤷🏻‍♀️

M: Haha see what I mean by how thin they are

A: Literally made of string

A: But yay summer garbage clothes!

M: Woo hoo!


  1. I really love mine! I ordered them when you mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. Totally different than anything else I own, but I feel so “hip” (which probably means I look silly - but I don’t care). And they’re very comfortable, but I’m worried they won’t last long with all the ripping.

  2. I have a pair of shorts like this from STS blue. I bought them three years ago and they are now starting to die which is pretty good considering they were my only pair of shorts for about two years. I always washed them in a lingerie bag and line dried them in attempt to lengthen their life! I'm tempted to go buy these now that mine are finally about to kick the bucket.

  3. Have you tried the Hanover Deluxe? I really need the outside pockets for water bottles, as I'm a sherpa for my kids, so I'm wondering if it's really huge or just slightly bigger.

    1. I haven't! But there is a side-by-side comparison here: