Friday, June 7, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell Sale on Sale is Hurting My Feelings.

I've been trying to avoid the temptation of Madewell lately but they're offering an extra 20% off all sale styles with code ENJOY20 and I couldn't not check it out. Here's what I like A LOT:

These raw-hemmed boyjeans are just CALLING MY NAME. Dammit.

How cute is this with the leather trim? It's $36 with the discount! 

Excellent simple jewelry is what you need for hot weather. 

I wasn't on board with the belt pack until I saw a stylish coworker wearing one. Now I'm in. 

This comes in white and black but you definitely want the red. 

Silver sandals are just the thing to dress up any ole sack dress you happen to be wearing. 

I always have room for another striped shirt and this one is so perfectly retro.

This one is for Marianne! Definitely an Elio's Mom skirt. 

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