Thursday, February 18, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Making Half An Effort.

 I have a uniform now, a happy rut where I wear the same exact thing every single day because who even sees me? Stretchy Athleta pants, Quince sweater, t-shirt, boots or Birkenstock clogs. It's comfy but it bums me out to see my whole closet being unworn and unappreciated. So, on days I have meetings, I've been trying to wear something I haven't worn in a while. I'm trryyyyyyyying, y'all. Anyway, this was my effort the other day:

This blouse is Dolan Left Coast and it was thrifted last year (on my last visit to Marianne, pre-pandemic!) It's pink and has tiny ruffles which is definitely Not My Thing but it's also gray leopard print which is My Thing. Plus, it's nice to have something that's just pretty, you know? It's good for Zoom meetings and for cheering one up. There are a few on Poshmark but it's otherwise long gone from stores. For something similar, I love this blouse that has a good drape-y feel and this one is a bit precious but the print is nearly identical! For a similar boho style, I love this at Anthro and OMG how beautiful is this Maeve blouse?

I'm always freezing so I threw on my J.Crew cashmere cardigan, which is old but it's easy to find this style in cashmere. This one is well-priced and comes in a bunch of good colors and this one at NR is even less expensive and gets great reviews. My gray skinny jeans are, of course, Madewell and they also come in a cropped version! I want all the gray jeans now. On to details:

I'm still obsessively wearing my Gorjana Parker Wrap necklace with a labradorite stone pendant I bought from Etsy. And now, let's talk a minute about these boots:

My Blundstone 587 Classic Chelsea boots have been amazing. No crazy break-in period, no discomfort, just a solid, warm boot that works well with my style. I dig them a lot and I've been wearing them a lot. I got them in rustic black, which makes them very casual, but I have my Cole Haan Chelsea boots if I want something dressier. Right now, the Blundstones are working out great since our weather has been nothing but crappy. Yay February. 


  1. I got those grey jeans on your recommendation, and also using the birthday discount. Love them! So flattering and comfortable!

  2. Very cute! I am going to look at grey jeans next month for my birthday gift to myself.