Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Let's Redefine "Flattering"

 I go thrifting on a regular basis and occasionally I find something that isn't quite "me" but it's weird or interesting enough that I buy it anyway. Recently I found a COS top with the tags still on and I bought it even though I didn't quite understand it:

I'm not sure it's super flattering, but what is that anyway? When something is flattering, do we mean it makes us look thin? I really hope not. Honestly, if something fits me correctly and makes me feel good or cool or whatever that's what matters. 

I think of COS as high concept, well-cut clothing that isn't trying to make you look thin, it's trying to create an interesting, clean silhouette, which is much more interesting to me. My top is two layers - a long sleeved top with a...cape-like overlayer. It's weird and fun and it moves when I move. 

I couldn't find my exact top but this one at COS is exactly my kind of thing and I love the shape of this sweatshirt. I also think this looks like a really excellent long-sleeved tee. And ugh, I love this one too!

I'm wearing my cool-ass new top with an older pair of Madewell skinny jeans very similar to this pair and some Madewell leopard boots that I love beyond all reason. I should wear them to the grocery store soon - give them an outing. My pair is almost sold out but they also have this pair that looks great.

There is really only one bag that would work best with this and it's my Miu Miu. What a beaut. There's one for sale here but this Coach bag is quite nice and very similar and this bag is gorgeous and much easier on the wallet. Details: 

I still get a little thrill every time I carry this bag. It's true love. Finally, I'm wearing the necklace I posted about recently:

It's the Gorjana Parker wrap necklace which I fancied up with a labradorite charm I bought from Etsy. I also found this Gorjana lariat style necklace on sale which has a similar flair.


  1. This is exactly my kind of piece of clothing and I think it looks fantastic on you. I love things with interesting details. Excellent find!!

  2. Can I get phone case details? I'm trying the Loopy and I'm not sure I'm in love.

    1. Hey! I have a Burga case with a loop attached. Very low profile!

  3. I recently discovered COS and I love it! So many cool pieces, and great quality too. Great find on that top. Looks fab on you.


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