Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Still Got It.

Aw yeah, you guys. I wore this little number to the post office* the other day and on the way out the guy in the car parked next to mine waved at me. Then, as I was getting in my car he said, "I love your style! Can I get to know you?" I was like, "NO...but thank you!" Hahahhaha. 

But y'all, it still felt good, just to know that I still have a cohesive look and that my casual daywear hasn't sunk to the level of public pajamas. Anyway, here's what I was wearing:

Okay, this isn't really that exciting, but it's cohesive, right? I'm wearing my trusty North Face down jacket which is boring, but solid. I love that it's warm but streamlined, though I'm kinda digging this barn jacket version, tbh. My pants are a new pair of Athleta Headlands Hybrid tights! They're on sale so I figured I should try the the new version to see how they fit. I went with my bigger size and it's good that I did - they are very narrow through the waist! Once I've shoehorned them over my rump I'm all good, but I do think the size down would probably fit better through the legs. I dig them but prefer the old letter sizing.

I'm wearing my trusty Quince crewneck cashmere sweater which I'm still enjoying probably too much. I wear it...a lot. It's not the best quality cashmere sweater I've ever owned but for $50 I am delighted with it and the fit is perfection. On to details:

Still being incredibly boring with my Lo & Sons Pearl crossbody/Madewell strap combo. I have my eye on the Kule strap but it needs to be more on sale. (I'm still bitter that I didn't buy it when it was $20.)

A close-up of my scarf! I can't find this exact one, but it's Marcus Adler and this leopard version looks pretty dreamy! I also think this cashmere snakeskin scarf looks quite similar to mine. 

And finally, my Sorel Explorer Joan boots (reviewed here) that I've finally had a chance to wear out in actual snow! They're great - super warm and comfortable and surprisingly light. And, now they're on sale! I sized up half a size just FYI. My link goes to Zappos but they're the same price at Shopbop. You might be thinking it's dumb to buy snow boots in February but these are great and well priced and winter is not over yet. Sigh.

*pro tip: buy your postage online and then just drop and run! Waiting in line is for suckers.


  1. "Can I get to know you?" Man, I have to give him props for his forthright effort! LOL. You still got it, girl. (not that we ever doubted it).

    1. My "No!" was so cheerful that I don't think he'd quite digested it until I drove away.