Thursday, February 11, 2021

We Discuss: Smells Like One Direction Spirit.

A: So, I bought that Volcano candle dupe at Target that you recommended and also got another one and this is one of the reviews online:

"this is supposed to smell louis william tomlinson and i don’t think i wanna burn it. i knew he would smell amazing i use this to cry bc ik i’ll never meet him. but stream defenseless and also stream walls :) tpwk- all the love a"

M: Oh my GOD

M: One Direction is SOMETHING

A: I KNOW. They really are

M: Wowowow

A: Like, how did this happen? Do you think Target has been planting people to say that certain candles smell like 1D?

M: I bought two of the little yuzu candles so I could have them for my office

M: Office candle is a nice upgrade but I don’t need a big one in here

A: I bought one of the little Sparkling Yuzu and one Cozy Nights aka 1D

M: lolololollll


A: But honestly, Louis smells pretty nice

A: Here's another review:

"Did I buy this because a random person on the Internet said it smelled like Louis Tomlinson? Why yes, yes I did. Does it smell like Louis Tomlinson? Why yes, yes it does. Absolute heaven and sun in one"

M: I literally typed in “candle that smells like” and it autofilled Harry Styles

A: random person on the Internet = Target’s marketing department

M: ⁠A Candle That Allegedly Smells Like Harry Styles Is Out of Stock

A: Well, we already knew what Harry smells like because we’re creepy

M: Target seems to be on a roll with these dudes

A: Big Target is raking it in:

"I love Louis, I love this candle. You kill my mind. I love this candle Never been so defenseless. I love this candle. Only for the brave. I love this candle. I got this candle for the first time in October I’ve gotten 4 ever since then. Louis Tomlinson world domination. Stream walls. Thank you Tommy for No control."

M: Wowowowow

A: It just keeps going

M: Can you imagine having that directed at you? overwhelming

A: Ha: 

M: Saw that too

M: Pandering!

A: Totally


M: Louis DOES smell good!

A: It’s nice, right?

M: I haven’t lit it yet but it’s in my stash

A: I found it very cozy without being too wood burny

M: I like to smell it and cry

A: Louuuuuissssss

M: Imagine picking him over Harry, I mean really

A: Kids today, I swear

A: The Harry candle appears to be available at Target again, just FYI

M: Oh dang

A: I know

M: Oh look how cute! 

A: So cute! And it smells like Harry Styles? Sold. 


  1. I would buy a candle that smells like Michael B. Jordan - to go with my new Alexa.

  2. I so miss these exchanges between you two.