Friday, February 5, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: My Alex Mill Wishlist.

 I don't know if you guys have checked out the latest offerings from Alex Mill, but ever since I bought that striped shirt last summer, I've been keeping my eye on the line. They really nail the whole WFH vibe of comfy-but-presentable clothing. I mean, yeah:

This excellent jacket is more Marianne's color than mine, but I am really into those big pockets. 

This looks like an excellent t-shirt and the amazing olive color is a step above. 

I love these comfy looking cotton cargo pants with just the right crop.

Pretty! Wear this skirt with a cotton tank or a fancy sequined blouse. Good either way.

Yep, it's still winter and this looks cozy af but you could also wear it into spring. 


I love a sweatshirt with a refined cut. It comes in other colors but the grey is totally the best, right?

Um, these are technically sweatpants but they're cut like real pants. YES OKAY THANK YOU.

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