Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Stuff I Like: Rando Edition.

Hi hi hi! It's been a WEEK you guys and it's only Wednesday. I've been trying to stash away ideas for a Stuff I Like post's kind of random. That is to say, there is no theme of any kind so why not start with a garlic press? 

This Garlic Press That is The Best One
Do you hate your garlic press? I did. Mine was plastic and it sucked  - so flexy and really hard to press which, hello, is the whole point! It made me so angry I would dice the garlic instead and I hate dicing garlic. Anyway, I did, um, way too much research and bought this one because it was all stainless steel. You guys, this thing is the Maserati of garlic presses. It works so beautifully and with so little effort, I almost cried the first time I used it. And because it's stainless it comes out of the dishwasher all sparkly clean and oh my god, is it weird to love a garlic press? (Don't answer that.) PS. I know there's a lot of snobby chef hate for pressed garlic but I don't care. I love mine. 

This Author We Can't Stop Reading
Marianne heard about Mhairi McFarlane from a podcast and recommended her to me. While her titles (and book covers) do her no favors, don't judge based on that - she fantastic. I guess you would call it rom com (ergh) but she's such a good writer, I don't even care. Her characters seem like real people, she's funny as hell and her stories are satisfying. So far we've both read Who's That Girl and are currently reading Here's Looking At You. If you are like us and just need something funny and entertaining (but not crap) to read, Mhairi McFarlane is what you want. PS. If you have a Kindle and Prime, a few of them are available to read free right now! 

This Gadget Marianne Likes Anyway
Listen: was this a purchase I made when feeling particularly blue/stressed? Yes. Is it overpriced? Yes again. Does it simulate a face lift in the slightest? NO. But hear me out: if you carry stress or tension in your jaw, the Sarah Chapman Skinesis The Facialift (also available here for a little less) is wonderful. Like a tiny jaw massage! I am sure there’s got to be a cheaper version out there, but this is what I have and I like using it.

This Perfect Desk Lip Tint I Can't Stop Using
The Allure Beauty Box (which you can get on Amazon now!) is still a favorite - the price went up but so did the quality. In my most recent box I got a full-sized Floss "Lip Advocate" tinted balm and it's so good! It just feels like lip balm but has enough sheer color to give you a bit of a color bump before your next Zoom meeting. I got Your Honor which is a semi-sheer berry pink but I really want to try Proof, which is a sheer berry color. 


  1. I have the same garlic press and have the same love. BTW, I got mine several years ago because Cooks Illustrated recommended it.

    1. Oh, that's a solid recommendation! I just love it so much - such a good tool.


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