Thursday, February 25, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Trader Joe's Fun-Casual.

As we've discussed, sometimes I dress up to go to the grocery store because where else am I going to go? And for me, sometimes dressing up actually means dressing down but in a fun way. It's like an invite to a wedding with a really confusing dress code: Trader Joe's Fun-Casual! 

Anyway, it's been too cold and rainy lately to wear anything fun but we finally got a few warm days and I went for it:

Yay! I finally got the buckle replaced on my Veda Jayne leather jacket and couldn't wait to wear it. Definitely an improvement. I bought my jacket on eBay but for something similar, you cannot go wrong with the AllSaints Balfern and I also found this lovely number by SOIA & KYO. For a faux leather option, this one is cute

My jeans are an older pair of my favorite Madewell Slim Boyjean! I prefer the mid rise version over the high rise, but both are good! It's just a personal preference. You can't really see my most excellent t-shirt so here you go:

Yes! This was a fantastic gift from Marianne and it's by Letluv who also made my thermal lightning bolt tee. They are expensive, but I have been really happy with the quality of both. I have my eye on this sweatshirt and also love this Stones tee. And, if you're looking for a Bowie tee, Chaser does a nice job as well. 

More details! I added a very soft plaid scarf I got for my birthday and I'm wearing my red Everlane Day Glove flats, which I like more than I want to admit. Madewell also has a similar pair!  And, finally, I'm  carrying my old faithful Marc Jacobs hobo (similar style.) I've had this bag for five years! It's such a reliable friend. Aww. 

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