Monday, September 13, 2010

Adrien: Mimes are just dumb clowns, you know.

I was putting on my makeup when my husband walked by and I asked,

"Honey, do you think this outfit is too...costumey?"

"Well...hmm. You do look a little like a mime. A French mime."

"I'm sorry? Did you just tell me I'm dressed like a clown?"

"Not a clown, a MIME."

"Oh, that's so much better."

"But you're cute! I'd come see you perform."

"OUT. Out of my bathroom."

top: Target (similar)
jacket: Banana Republic (similar)
pants: Banana Republic (similar)
bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAM
watch: La Mer


  1. I definately do not see mime, I think you look very chic!

  2. That's cute. But you dont look at all like a mime or a clown! You do, however, look very French chic.