Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adrien: Shopping-Free September (more than) Halfway Point.

Only nine more days left of Shop-Free September! I'm still in a pretty good place, though I'm very quick to delete all the sale emails in my inbox first thing every morning. I don't even read them because it's far too tempting.

To further my purge-not-pursue mentality, I also took a load of clothes and shoes to my favorite consignment store, the proceeds of which will go towards one of the WANTY items I posted about here. The bag is probably still beyond my means, but those Frye boots are calling my name pretty loudly.

Consigning clothes takes planning and patience, but it's a great way to free your closet of items that aren't working for you, that you aren't wearing or that you're just sick of looking at. I usually start by pulling out everything I'm considering getting rid of and then I try it all on. This sounds terrible but sometimes I need a visual reminder of why a certain item must go. For example, I have a Banana Republic sheath dress that's practically new, but the very first time I wore it someone asked if I was pregnant. (WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS.) Needless to say I never wore that dress again but I felt guilty about getting rid of it. So, I tried it on for my husband and he described it as, "kinda dowdy." That was easy!  In the pile it went without a look back.

Also in the pile, a pair of jeans that were a size too small. I don't keep clothes that might fit me one day. It's just not worth the angst. The only part I don't love about consigning is trying to figure out what to do with the clothes they didn't want. Usually it's eBay or the thrift store but sometimes I'll stash things back in my closet, especially if I was on the fence about getting rid of it.

The other part I don't love:  having to wait for my items to sell before I get the money. But, as Shopping-Free September has taught me, waiting is good for my wallet. If I wait and really ponder my purchases, I'll end up buying the things I really want instead of the things that I think I want right this second.


  1. I've become a pretty regular consigner. My consignment store offers me the option of paying me up front for my stuff, but I think I usually make out better if I wait until the stuff sells.

    However, if we're being honest, I usually just use my credit to buy something there at the store. It usually satisfies any shopping urge I might have and it feels like free clothes (even if it's really not).

  2. I'm relieved to learn others also never wear an outfit after a bad experience (no matter how cute if an outfit brings back a negative memory I can't wear it again). I just need to do a clost cleaning like you now.

  3. Oh, I was so mad that some random stranger ruined it for me on the first wear! But yeah, never again. Best to just clean house and move on.