Thursday, September 9, 2010

Marianne: My Best/Worst Purchases of the Summer.

With the unofficial end of summer here (noooooooo), and the Shopping Ban in effect (NOOOOO), not to mention My Secret Shame (no), my attention has been on my closet lately. I mentioned that a couple of purchases I made this summer have not really gotten much play from me. While I still like these, for the most part, I don't reach for them and one of them has already hit the blog sale. The dress I actually ended up returning after it shrank in the wash, and I didn't feel compelled to replace it. Never a good sign.
Meeting Place Tank

shifting feathers dress

But for the most part, I bought some stuff I L-O-V-E this summer. My #1 purchase?

Runners up?
Limited Skirt + Claudine Tee

Rebecca Minkoff MAC

What about you? What did you buy this summer that you've had to force yourself not to wear twice in one week? And is there anything you are regretting, or already getting rid of? Or, are you clinging to summer and not done with your warm weather purchases? Spill!


  1. My two identical dresses in differing colors that I bought from Sears. Seriously, every time I wear them I get tons of compliments. Even though they're sleeveless I'm already trying to figure out if I can get away with wearing them this winter with tights, boots and a cardigan (I think I can!).

  2. That tank is so cute. I want to move by you and raid your closet. But seriously, tell me about the tank... does it have enough give in it that it won't gather at my, ahem, post-two babies belly?
    My favorite purchases this summer? I've been building up my Matilda Jane clothes and have a few pieces that I absolutely LOVE, especially this tunic:

  3. Erin, it's super forgiving in the belly area! I don't know why I couldn't make it work for me, it's really darling.

  4. i feel the same about the shifting feathers dress. anthro was ok with you returning it after washing? i really want to return mine!!!

  5. Well Jennifer, in my case I washed it according to directions and it shrank to the point that it was unwearable.

  6. Cute sandals and gorgeous clutch! I am sorry to hear the dress shrank so badly in the wash. I think it looks great on you but if you didn't find yourself itching to replace then it was smart to just return and move on.

  7. Goodness that bag is gorgeous! What a fantastic purchase that I'm sure you'll use for a long time.

    My favorite purchase this summer was my striped cotton shirtdress. I've worn it a lot so far, but since very autumn-wearable, I can't wait to style it for colder weather.

    Great post!

  8. great idea for a post! I am super happy with my Oroya dress from Anthro. Everytime I wear it and look back at the pictures, the colors just pop and make me really happy! I'm slightly regretting purchasing the Akira tank since the shoulder straps are so bulky it's hard to wear under anything. On the other hand, I can't wear my Winding Road tank enough!