Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Marianne: MY secret shame.

A while back, Adrien bravely admitted her secret shame. That her closet was unweildy and her precious bags were lanquishing in a pile. And our readers, dear readers, tut-tutted and offered advice, and Adrien came through with a remarkable solution. And it was good.

And I was noticeably silent. Because...well...
Yeah. Here is MY secret shame, okay? I have these great shelves, but they are kind of tough for keeping my bags organized. Everything ends up in a floppy pile. A pile that also includes my thin, every day cardigans:
Sheesh. Here is one more close-up of the mess of my bags and belts. Lordy.

I am thinking a good place to start is maybe with some hooks screwed into the wall, and some more hooks hanging from the short rod that is up high. The shelves themselves can be reserved for clutches, and the sweaters obviously need folding and organizing. Any ideas, oh organizationally brilliant readers? Don't judge me.


  1. I am a HUGE fan of 3M hooks. They don't have to be screwed in and come off easily to be moved as necessary. I'd use them for everything, from hanging purses to tiny ones to hang necklaces. They're great!

  2. Hooks are great, obvs, but I also have a man's tie rack hanger thingie that I have my belts on. That way I can hang it from the clothes bar. You could also purchase some lined wicker baskets to put your cardigans in. That would keep them from sliding around or falling when you pull one out of the stack.

  3. I am so envious of your shelves!

    Agree with MadameQueen on the tie rack thing for belts. I use one as well, kinda like this:

    Sometimes the buckles get in the way though and I can't drape the stiffer belts.

    You have so much height from the top shelf up. Could you add a few more shelves?

    Some cheap industrial bookends could help keep your bags upright if hooks won't work.

    Maybe neatly folding and spreading the cardigans out on two shelves would help it stay neater.

    Good luck!

  4. Thank you all! Bookends are a BRILLIANT idea. I'm thinking I could use them to separate cardigans and clutches and spread both over two shelves. Genius.

  5. I am SO with you on the mess of cardigans piled up. How do people store those? I refuse to hang them up because then they get those god-awful poked out spots on the shoulders from hangers..and I don't feel like playing Gap employee every time I do laundry and folding them all nice and neat. Maybe I'm a hopeless case because I'm lazy! Ugh.

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  7. Lauren, obviously we need to invent a solution to this problem. Think of the infomercial--There's GOT to be a better WAY!

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