Friday, November 11, 2011


A: Just for you.

Okay, really for me.

M: That made me laugh.

A: I thought it might. It's like, for both of us.

M: He looks tiny there. Like Pocket Craig.

A: That must have been from Before.

M: Before Bond? Because his beefy-ness is part of what I don't like. I can manage him in this photo, save the creepy eyes boring into my soul.

A: Yes, before Bond he was scrawnier. I think he put on something like 20lbs of muscle for that role. I APPROVE THIS MUSCLE.

M: I truly think this is the only beefy man I find attractive:

A: Yes, yes, I know. But Daniel Craig was only super-beefy for Casino Royale. Now he's just normal-beefy.

M: I find him most attractive when he isn't looking at me, doesn't have a creeper mustache, and is wearing clothes. I think I'm broken.

A: He can be kind of creepy. Which I enjoy.

M: Wait, maybe you're broken.

A: I'm pretty sure that's true.

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  1. Yum!
    I bet Daniel isn't really all that beefy when he's beefy. I bet in real life he's fairly small even when he's beefy. IMBD lists his height as 5'10", so that means he's probably only 5'8" which is very disappointing considering I'm 5'10".