Friday, November 25, 2011

Wanty, Black Friday Style.

A: I'm pretty anti-Black Friday but that doesn't mean I don't want things. Starting with, this:

Holy shit, could he be cuter? I don't think so.

M: Oh my god, that little guy just made my ovaries twitch! Here is where I admit that I am pining for this ridiculousness:


A: Oh! That is crazy! I'd break that so hard and immediately, but it's really cool.

You know what's ridiculous? A cashmere sweatshirt. Which I want a lot:

M: I know! It's freaking insane and I have a toddler and a dog. Recipe for heartbreak.

Ooh, I'll take that sweatshirt in 3 colors. It would go so great with theeeese:

A: Oh, I would wear that outfit! I really, really would. You know what dumb thing I really want? Snow boots. Like, ridiculous, tall, furry snow boots. We get about 2 snow days a year.

M: Those are some serious snow boots right there. My hearts desire are not as practical...and cost 4x as much. LE SIGH:

A: What? Not these?


M: You just shut your fool mouth with those things.


M: But I don't wanna be a pirate!

A: Hee! But seriously, if we're going to go all crazy, I would like these:

Because they are perfect. PERFECT. PERRRR. FECT.

M: Hold the phone, those ARE perfect! Sheesh.

A: I know, right? Everything about them is perfect. Except that they cost a trillion dollars. So, not perfect, I guess. *sob*

M: Kind of terribly not perfect. Now I am trying to guess what my husband would say if he laid eyes on the price.

A: I'm pretty sure mine doesn't know that boots can cost that much.

M: This, exactly.

A: We shouldn't tell them.

M: That's what the blog is for, duh.

M: I feel silly posting this after those boots, but I very nearly bought some grey snakeskin print leggings at the Gap the other day.

Petite Jeans by Gap at ShopStyle

A: Mindy strikes again.

M: I mean, what the fuck. If they come in longs I might get them?

A: I, um, kind of love them.

M: Dude, they are kind of awesome.

A: They seem like something Kate Lanphear would wear.


A: We both need them. To wear...somewhere.

M: Work? Dare I? That ought to delight the commenter that already thinks I am inappropriate.


M: You are using me as bait. I'm okay with that.

A: Do it for science!

M: Ooh, I love science!

A: Well, that's settled, then.


  1. Adrien, I actually bought those snow boots on a couple of weeks ago! After last year's blizzard and how horrible it was to walk Sid and get to work, I knew it had to be done. They are supposed to be warm up to -25!

  2. LMAO.

    I tried on the Sorels last year and I have to say, for what they cost, they are SO NOT COMFORTABLE.

    If they work for you, then you can snag them at the end of season for cheap. I saw them this last February for half price on several sites.

    Thanks for the chuckle :)

  3. CC, I have tried mine on and done some in-house walking before I committed to them and found them really comfortable (but they did make my feet quite warm). Or, maybe I'm just deluding myself because I live in a city where winter is truly evil and and need such things.

  4. Adrien, if you decide the Sorel boots aren't a good investment, you could pick up the Old Navy version for under $50. They're not nearly as adorable as the original but I think they're still pretty cute. You know, the for the two snows we get per year. :)

  5. Oh, thank you! Those look really cute.

  6. I have those exact Sorel boots (and live in NC, so weather-wise we are close) and they are the BOMB. GET them, your toes will love you.