Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marianne: FINALLY.

Okay, yes, this outfit is another incarnation of my Pinterest obsession/J. Crew fantasy, but that's not what I want to talk about. It's the boots, y'all. 
I acquired my beloved black Frye Lisa boots three years ago and seriously from that day forward I have kicked myself for not getting them in brown. Do you KNOW how hard it is to find brown boots? Apparently it is the freaking fashion holy grail.
And so, for three obsessive years, I have had an eBay alert for these boots. And in that time, they have come up three times in my size (or within a half size because I was desperate). The first time, they were in rough shape and sold for $50 more than I was willing to pay. The second time, they sold for more money than I had budgeted and I was outbid. But the third time is the charm and they are MINE.
And they are glorious. In perfect shape and they actually fit better than my black ones. Tell me, do you have something you've been stalking for years? Make me feel less crazy. Or, you know, don't. I have my boots to keep me company.
shirt: Paper Denim Cloth (similar here)
scarf: no label
legging jeans: Gap (similar here)
boots: Frye Lisa (similar here)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Mag Bag in Fool's Gold (similar here)


  1. Oh, I LOVE THEM. And I need you to measure the calf circumference for me, please.

  2. I will! My black ones are 8's and the 7.5's definitely fit better in the calf. It's true love.

  3. just curious what size your sweater is. i love the fit of it on you!

  4. Hey, thanks! I meant to get a Medium, but got a Small and it works. It's a bit tight to close, but I like it more unbuttoned anyway.

  5. I have that sweater in grey and I CANNOT STOP WEARING IT.


    And even though it's grey, it stil has the brown toggle, so you know what: wearing it with my brown boots. Rock. (Not a great pic, but here we are: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lizlewis/6326239663/in/photostream)

  6. Aaaand, now I need it in grey. You look great!

  7. Five years ago in Barcelona, I spotted and totally passed over this cute, black, wool poncho/swing coat with 3/4 sleeves and cool buttons at Zara. On the mannequin it was paired with tall gloves and it was CUH-YUTE.

    To this day I want to beat myself for not buying both the coat and the gloves.

    I don't think I'll ever get over it.

  8. Brown boots ARE horrible to find! It took me years too!

    Love the outfit!

    Oh, I'm stalking a pair of Nine West wedges from 2008. They have a grey matte rubbery wedge with a cutout through them. Never gonna find em.

  9. My favourite outfit on you! :)

  10. I picked up that cardigan and thought it was so damn cute! Tell me again why I put it back on the rack??! I love this outfit and totally want to try and recreate a look like this today!

    I love your boots. Well worth the search!

  11. Marianne, this outfit is amazing!!! LOVE