Monday, November 7, 2011

Marianne: Unsure.

I've been wanting some wedge booties this fall, so when I found these Biviel booties on eBay for 1/3 the price, I impulse bought them. Biviel makes incredibly comfortable shoes, so I felt like it was a safe bet.

Problem is, I bought them a size larger than my other Biviel shoes, and they are a little too big. Not so big that I can't wear them, but it's noticeable. Also, I can't decide if I completely love them.

What do you think?

I can't for the life of me remember who made this necklace, though I know a reader has reminded me in the past. I love it so.

Inexpensive new bracelets via Etsy. Love!

dress: Target (similar here)
tights: Spanx
booties: Biviel
bracelets: Sweet Auburn Studio
necklace: unknown


  1. I think they look cute!

    I can't believe that dress is form Target. It is also so cute.

  2. They look great on you! They have a nice cut in the front. sometimes booties hit too high on the ankle and cut off the leg but these have a nice little dip in the front and keep your legs looking long. They look fab with the colored tights and dress!

  3. Not loving the booties. The shape of the toe makes them kinda look like a bootie version of Dansko clogs . They're cuted-up because they're on you, with purple tights. On their own, kinda frumpy...

  4. those are super cute on you! how does Biviel run?

  5. Carly, that dress is ancient! Like 5 years old, I think? I had forgotten about it and found it in storage.

    Katy--I think Biviel runs pretty TTS, but some people find that they are a half size small. My red Biviel heels are a 37.5, these are a 38.5 and I think I needed a 38.

  6. I really like the booties, but if you are unsure... I've found that unsure usually translates to "not like" over time. Why spend your hard-earned monies on something you aren't wild about?!

  7. I love the booties. Love. And the tights and the dress.

  8. I like the booties, but not sure about them with the tights. I am a fan of colored tights in general, but for these particular booties, I think they'd look better with opaque black tights to make the whole look more streamlined.

  9. I love the shoes/booties. I was eyeing them on Anthro just last year (or the year before?). I have shoe-envy right now :)

  10. I really love that dress! The gray looks great with those purple/plum tights. I need more gray dresses in my life.