Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Girl With The Dragon Hoodie.

A: I think I'm the only one not horrified by this.

M: Who is horrified? Also, you know that wearing the clothes will not make Daniel Craig materialize in front of you, right?

A: It won't? I am still lamenting my lost chance at being a Lisbeth Salander-type in my youth.

M: I know, all of those opportunities to wear way too much black eyeliner, lost.

M: P.S. I totally had to google Ol' Bug Eyes name up there. I completely couldn't remember it.


A: I am really quite impressed with Rooney Mara's transformation, I have to say.

A: Also, this photo is NSFW but oh my God, if H&M clothes is what makes this happen...

M: She really looks amazing. I kind of can't freaking wait to see this movie.

A: I hope she is getting paid a LOT of money because I'm not sure what my price would be to make a nipple piercing okay.

M: WHOA. Is that a real piercing? That is some method bullshit right there.

A: YES. They did all the piercings IN THE SAME DAY. I'll just be over here fainting because that's how I do.

M: That girl is hard core. I once got my upper ear pierced on the street in London. Hey, don't do this.

A: Yeah, not so much for me. But I cannot WAIT to see this movie. For so many reasons.

M: I just really like the story.


M: Suuuuure you did.

A: I read them all! I DID. Before I even knew Daniel Craig was cast.

M: Just keep telling yourself that. It's okay.

A: UGH. I am going to go stand in line in front of H&M now.

M: Pick me up a hoodie, would you?

A: You want the one with the dragon on the back, or just plain?

M: One of each, I think. Versatile.

A: Pierced nipple or plain?


A: Fine, fine, just thought I'd ASK. Sheesh.


  1. Oooh I am SO excited about this H&M line.
    The original movie was so badass. I wonder if they'll make it this one as gruesome.

    PS - I got 4 piercings in one sitting. Does that make me hard core? ;)

  2. The original movie is awesome! Why do Americans feel the need to remake this??!!

  3. Well, but this isn't a remake of the first movie, it's another movie based on the book. I thought the first movie was good, but quite a bit got shuffled around and left out. I'm very curious to see what another director can do with it!

  4. I'm not a huge Daniel Craig fan, but man, there is something about that picture up there. Hott! Maybe I'm into bondage. Who knew?!? LOL