Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Adrien: Hair Aspirations.

So, you guys may not have noticed, but I'm trying to grow my hair out again. I know. I have this thing where I try to grow it out, get frustrated, and chop it right back off. Right now my hair is "long" (for me) and I've spent a lot of brain space trying to figure out where I'm going with it. That's why when BlogHer asked us to share a BlogHerTV hair tutorial video I was happy to do it. It's topical! In my brain! But, here's the thing, most video tutorials are for people with long hair, which I clearly don't have. But I have aspirations so I picked How To Make a Sexy Ponytail because I want to have one of these one day:

It's cute, right? If I keep growing, it can be mine. I mean, check it:

July 2012

March, 2013

Crap, those photos make me want to cut it again. Anyway! Make sure you watch to the end so you can enter the Hair Sweepstakes for a chance at two prizes of $100 or a grand prize of $250! 


  1. Yeah, your July 2012 hair is super-cute. It makes me want to chop mine off, too. I'm growing mine right now too and I frequently see it and want to chop it off, but sometimes it hangs just so and I am persuaded to keep going.

  2. I think some women just look better with short hair. Unfortunately or fortunately, I'm one of them. It would be nice to have long hair but it just doesn't suit my face. I do like short hair and am happy I can rock it but yeah, don't we sometimes want what we don't have? I suspect you might be like me. I much prefer your hair in 2012. It works really well with your face.

  3. I have sorta long hair now and it doesn't really suit my face but I can't be arsed to get it cut, because short styles need to be Just Right and last time I asked for something new I got a mullet. So.

  4. I wish I could wear super-cute short hair like that! Every time I've tried it looks terrible on me :( But I think it looks wonderful on you!

  5. You look great with short hair! Mine has been as short as (and shorter than) your top picture, and was short for a LONG time. I finally decided to let it grow about a year and a half ago, and it's currently to my shoulders. I almost cut it off numerous times. I'm sure I'll cut it off again someday, but I really like it longer for now.


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