Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Night Leathers.

M: I am reading this and it's fascinating.

A: I read that! So crazy.

M: Half a million dollars. DOLLARS. On crazy leather clothes mostly.

A: Well, this pretty much kills any desire I had for Rag & Bone boots:

M: I just laughed SO HARD.

A: I mean, I don't know what this is all doing for your love of Friday Night Lights, but I'm sorry.

M: He just wrote the book and is in no way responsible for the fictional Coach and Tim Riggins, so I'm cool.

A: I'm glad to hear it. I worry.

M: Haaaa. It takes more than a shopaholic weirdo to make me hate this:

A: Oh, hi!

And that's good, because there is this.

M: Or this:

But especially this:

A: I...don't even remember what we were talking about.

M: I am just so AMUSED by Buzz.

M: Except the underwear shot OMGGGGGGG.


M: I found him so weirdly endearing until that and now I am blind.

A: My favorite part of that article is the part where he thought, "You just don't give a fuck" was a compliment. No.

M: I know.

A: "You look like Bon Jovi!" is also not a compliment.

M: Haaaaaa.

A: But, what do I know? I've never spent more than half a MILLION DOLLARS on designer clothes.

M: Mostly leather.

A: And women's boots.

M: At least they are nice boots?


  1. Crazy article. I just can't imagine tha.... RIGGGGINSSSSS

  2. I just read that WHOLE article. OMGGGGGG! Man I hope he gets straightened out. What a mess. Not even a hot mess. Just a mess.

  3. Interesting article. Of course I go to no-fun-zone of "where does one keep 115 pairs of gloves?" I lub me some Coach Taylor. And Riginns.

  4. Totally fascinating article. Maybe Buzz needs to volunteer at Goodwill for a stretch. I think he looks better in the "before" picture.


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