Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Planet Swinton

A: This is making me crazy:

source: The Sartorialist

M: I am pretty sure that's one of those blankets they wrap on marathon runners, and I'm pretty sure she's rocking it.


M: She is not a mere mortal, Adrien.

A: Giovanna is a beautiful crazy fashion alien from the planet Swinton.

M: Pretty much. Damn, those shoes.

A: I know. I feel like I need a guest pass to even look at her.

M: What do you think she eats? I can't imagine her, you know, grocery shopping.

A: Eats?

M: Right, I'm being silly.

A: She gets her nutrients from the AIR, Marianne. Swinton planet air.

M: Sigh.

A: You weakling mortal with your food.

M: I'll never be America's Next Top Moddle.

A: Did you want to be?

M: I can't develop a taste for cotton balls this late in life.

A: So filling! Not quite like air but you wouldn't know.

M: I'll never know. Sniff.


  1. I think, yes, exactly, Planet Swinton. I wouldn't be allowed to visit there, but they may have set up an observatory on a nearby moon where they let people like me watch via telescopes. Sometimes you can see David Bowie walk through the field of vision during evening observations.

    1. This is my favorite comment. Like, ever.

    2. It was our mutual love of David Bowie and Marc Jacobs bags that first drew me to you, you know.

      That, and the little fish bracelet (I still have that bracelet, my youngest wants it badly).