Friday, March 8, 2013


M: We all love Victor Garber, right? Have you...have you seen his long time partner? Because I have FEELINGS.

M: His name is RAINER.

M: And I want him to build things for me.

A: Hot damn Victor Garber HIGH FIVE.

M: Right? I mean well DONE:

A: I need him to build me a log cabin RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.

M: Yes, and then, I don't know, make me a canoe. Shirtless. Just go on.

A: He should maybe be racing cars with Paul Newman?

M: Looking at his younger photos, he might BE Paul Newman. I mean goddamn:

A: What the actual fuck.

M: Victor Garber has been with him for FOURTEEN YEARS I MEAN REALLY.

A: I'm getting angry about this.

M: I am more in awe than anything.

A: That's fair. I just. Damn.

M: I know, pet. I know.

A: *sob*


  1. Sweet heavens alive that man is HANDSOME. Good lord.

  2. Victor is gay? Gasp!! Where have I been? That's one rugged handsome man. Deep sigh!! Exhale.....

  3. And...he's an artiste!

  4. He reminds me of a red-haired Jon Hamm. Super hot.

  5. He has really attractive smile-lines around his eyes. From smiling outside while building log cabins and canoes, naturally.

  6. I must have been living under a rock because I had no idea Victor Garber was gay. Good job with the man. wow. Mega yum.


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